Giving in Times of Disaster

As many of you have probably seen, the Philippines has been hit by Typhoon Haiyan and it has left a trail of destruction and calamity as the country is scrambling to […]

Making 2013 a Year of Giving

I think most people are generous in nature and want to help others. Around this time of year, many are looking to give more to the causes dear to their […]

Love Drop in July: Felicity

Every month, I receive information from the Love Drop Network about a family in need of some support. They’re deserving families who could use a break. Here’s the Love Drop […]

Today We’re Donating Our Junk/Stuff

Today is definitely a Starbucks morning. Last night I finished packing away some of our stuff from the house to for either donation, trashing, or mailing out. We’re making room for the […]

FMF’s March Madness Starts Today!

I’m excited about today because Free Money Finance continues has the 2011 March Madness contest and like every year, it’s looks to be a great competition. For those not familiar with it, […]

Budgeting More Giving

Our finances have stabilized over the last few months. We’ve focused on getting situated with the expenses of being home owners. We had a dinner discussion on including another category […]