Buying a house is probably the biggest purchase you’re going to make. If you’re going to buy a home soon, taking the time to get a financial plan in order can be a huge step in helping you reach your goal. It can also provide you a way to make home ownership a relatively enjoyable experience.

The key to saving money on your mortgage is to get the best possible mortgage for your family’s finances. Learn how to save tens of thousands on interest and pay off your mortgage sooner.

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This is the first of a series of posts Steve Stewart is sharing on various sites as he counts the days left until he and his wife pay off their house! My wife and I started our financial journey in 2005. We followed Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps - sort of. This week, we are cheating [...]

Your mortgage can easily be your biggest monthly expense. Depending on your situation, you may be able to reduce that burden by refinancing your mortgage. It's not complicated, but it takes time to get it done so it's smart to go over the numbers and see if it the right move for you. Refinancing is [...]

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