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by Elle Martinez · 36 comments

I can’t believe I’ve been writing at Couple Money for 3 years! It has flown by and even with all the changes here and on the site, I still love writing here and hearing from you. When I started this site I thought it would be a great side project where I could explore how personal finances are handled by a couple.

I originally focused on finding financial freedom togeher. Looking back I see it was a bit vague, but it caught the attention of a few and it started changing and focusing, both based on our experiences with money and your valuable feedback. It has grown tremendously and I want to say thank you to all of you loyal readers and commenters.

I also want to thank the personal finance online neighborhood. Blogging is a community effort and I’m grateful for the support. I want to host another giveaway to show my appreciation to everyone and I think this year’s prize is something many would appreciate.

Couple Money is Giving Away a Nexus 7 Tablet!

We’re giving away a Nexus 7 tablet (8GB)! I love my own tablet and I use it constantly for both work and fun. With a little one keeping me busy, it’s a convenient way for me to stay on top of my business almost everywhere.

For those not familiar with the Nexus 7, here are some features: nexus 7 tablet couple money

  •  7″ 1280×800 HD display
  • Microphone
  • NFC (Android Beam)
  • Accelerometer
  • GPS
  • Magnetometer
  • Gyroscope

I hope you can use it as part of your side project or just as a way to relax and enjoy the latest post on Couple Money :)

Couple Money Giveaway Entries

To qualify for the giveaway, just sign up for Couple Money’s Newsletter and join our community. It’s an easy way to receive  free tips on cutting expenses, building your net worth, and get free goodies through out the year.

There are several ways to receive additional entries that can increase your chances to win:

  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Send this tweet “@Elle_CM is giving away a Nexus 7 for Couple Money readers! #yakezie #win” (enter once a day)
  • Become a Couple Money Fan on Facebook
  • Share your favorite Couple Money post from the past 3 years on Facebook (please leave a comment below with the link to your FB share)

Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.  It’ll make it easier for everybody and faster for me to pick the winner!
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Contest Rules

I hate having disclaimers and rules, so I tried to keep it simple with this giveaway. Please keep in mind:

  • You need to sign up with Couple Money’s Newsletter to be entered for the giveaway.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter.
  • Use the Rafflecopter widget on this page to track your entries.
  • Read and follow the instructions carefully. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
  • Only US and Canada residents are able to win. If winner is residing in Canada, then a Paypal payment will be made in the amount of $199.

The contest ends Sunday September 30, 2012; no entries will be accepted afterwards. I’ll be drawing the winner on Monday October 1, 2012. The winner has 48 hours to contact me so we can have their prize sent to them.

Thank you again for being a reader and member of the Couple Money community!

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  • Veronica Hill

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I feel terrible coming to your blog for the first time and getting to know you over a giveaway post but it’s too good to pass up. I look forward to reading your blog, and maybe making a friend? :) Btw, I entered :)

    • Elle Martinez

      Glad you stopped by; hope to chat with you soon!

  • Kelly Whalen

    I entered! Great giveaway! Excited to get your newsletter.

    • Elle Martinez

      I appreciate the support Kelly! I had a great time chatting with you in Denver :)

  • Kelly Kinkaid

    I entered! What a great giveaway. Thanks!

    • Elle Martinez

      Thanks Kelly; I love running these giveaways!

  • Peter Schott

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    • Elle Martinez

      Thank you Peter :D

  • Sean @ One Smart Dollar

    Thanks for the giveaway Elle

    • Elle Martinez

      thanks for joining Sean!

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  • Patrick Kansa
    • Elle Martinez

      Thank you Patrick!

  • Brent Pittman

    Great giveaway! Newsletter-I’m trying to set one up myself.

    • Elle Martinez

      Please let me know when you do. I’d love to spread the word about it!

  • The College Investor

    Very excited to try to win! I’m already a subscriber!

  • Karen Che

    I’m a subscriber! Thank you for hosting such an awesome giveaway. :)

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    I’ve been reading Couple Money’s great advice for a while, didn’t even realize I hadn’t clicked that little “like” button on FB. lol, anyway, it’s been clicked now! I’m signed up for your newsletter now too, even though I’ve just got ya bookmarked, lol, and this is the article I shared on FB: 4 Things My Mohawk Has Taught Me About Money –

    • Elle Martinez

      Thanks for being a long time reader

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    • Elle Martinez

      I love having these giveaways; thanks for subscribing!

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