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A couple of weeks ago some friends of ours stopped by for lunch on their way back home to Virginia. I took them to one of my favorite sushi spots in town and we were discussing some projects we were working on. My friend is learning Photoshop for a new job she’s starting soon.

She’s wasn’t taking a course at college, she was using a site called for her training. Since I have a pretty tight schedule myself, that caught my attention and I wanted to learn more.


As you know, one of our goals is to have a location independent source of income that will allow us to pay our monthly expenses. I had been trying to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator through books, but found it hard to stay focused  as some of the written instructions were unclear. I’ve learned the basics, but I felt I needed to see the steps and techniques visually so I could pick them up faster and easier.

When I had a problem I went online and found some videos on YouTube and other sites, but nothing that worked well for me. When my friend mentioned, I decided to sign up and try it out myself. The price seemed extremely reasonable ($25-$37/month) and it had all the lessons I was looking for. It seemed like a win-win for me.

Since I’ve been using it I thought I should do a brief review. There are CD/DVS for the courses you can take, but I’m just reviewing the online training courses since I’m a subscriber and I think it is the more cost effective option for most individuals.
Grow your brain.

Who is For?

It’s a very competitive job market now, so staying on top of your industry’s software is essential. If you’re a small business or freelancer, it’s even more so. Your competition may be dropping prices to get more business, but if you can add substantial value to your work you can charge accordingly instead lowering your fees.

Here’s the company’s description from Indeed:

Since 1997, has provided education and technical training solutions for designers, computer graphics specialists, digital media users, and computer owners. products include web-based training, instructional books, CD- and DVD-based video training, self-paced online learning, and events for creative designers, instructors, students, and hobbyists. specializes in teaching fundamental design and graphics principles along with the latest computer software, digital media technologies, and techniques.

While they seek to offer lessons to benefit anyone with a computer, I think the site especially excels in creative software instruction. The videos are broken down by topic, so it can help both beginners or professionals.

Membership Costs for offers different online subscriptions, either a manageable monthly payment or a discounted annual payment. The online subscription gives you access to 700 training courses with over 100,000 tutorials and  instructional video lessons.

According to the site, they add new courses on a weekly basis and I can vouch that they regularly grown their course offerings since I’ve joined. For those thinking of signing up, I’ve included the costs and the benefits of each membership level.

Subscription Type  Cost Description Sign Up
Monthly Membership Subscription  $25/month This basic membership comes with access to all the programs online and support Try out monthly membership
Monthly Premium Subscription  $37.50/month It includes everything that the regular membership has, but you’ll all get all the exercise files that the instructors use in the lessons. Try out monthly premium membership
Annual Subscription  $250/year It includes everything that the regular membership has, but you save $50/year, which comes out to 2 free months. Try out annual membership
Annual Premium Subscription  $375/year It’s the same as the monthly premium subscription, but you save $75/year, which comes out to 2 months free. Try out annual premium membership

Courses Offered on

It would take up too much space to list all of the courses on, but I do want to highlight some major ones.

  • CSS
  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash
  • Joomla
  • PHP
  • Illustrator

For those looking at improving their productivity at the office, there are also courses on Microsoft Office.

Good Investment for Creative Professionals

Some people are looking for something cheaper and they’re only brushing up on a very particular topic. I would recommend searching online and seeing if there are any videos on it. You may find some free help there. You should also go ahead to and check out the free access on some of the tutorials to see which works better for you.

I would definitely recommend the program to many in the creative field as its a comprehensive resource that they can access easily for a reasonable price. If you’re serious about improving your education on creative and office software, but don’t have the time and money to attend a course on campus, this is a really good deal for you.

Depending on how much time you can devote to a topic, you can pick up a new skill or master a program in a relatively short time. Check with your employer to see if they would reimburse you for the membership. It doesn’t hurt to ask. If they won’t then you may want to consider if you’ll increase your potential earnings enough with

Thoughts on

How many of you are members? How many of you work part-time or full time in the creative industry? I’d also want to hear your stories on being a successful freelancer. What have you’ve found extremely helpful to growing your business?
Photoshop tutorials

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  • Briana @ GBR

    I have a Lynda subscription and so far it’s awesome! I’m not necessarily in the creative industry but it’s definitely helping me brush up on skills that I can use with my side business.

    • Elle

      They definitely have more than just design creation programs, but that seems to be a big part of their curriculum. I’m loving it so far and I’m working through Flash lessons this weekend.

  • Evan

    Wow that is a cool site! They even have wordpress stuff which may be worth taking a look at it.

    • Elle Martinez

      Even if you just do a course or two a month, it can pay itself easily.

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  • Darris

    I just found and it looks like a good match for me! I am switching my blogs to WordPress and was in the process of doing an online college course for $100. With it appears I could learn the same thing for $37 and have full access to any number of courses. It’s inexpensive enough to try without a full commitment so I’m in!

    You did a splendid job taking us through Thanks so much. I’m now a new subscriber!

    All the best!

    • Elle Martinez

      Glad I could help Darris!

  • sdf

    It’s invaluable

  • Dennis Cepero

    I’m lucky enough to work for a company that has a license for us to watch Lynda videos. I can say they are absolutely amazing. I’m learning pretty much the whole Adobe CS6 with their videos (and so much more).

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