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Couple Money Weekly Round-Up: Be Healthy

I’m writing the posts for this upcoming week and I’m letting you know there will be a health theme. We’ve been trying to improve our health and I wanted to share some of the changes we’ve made. I also wanted to touch upon how making some healthier choices has affected our budget and finances.

Living a healthier life is priority for us and we’re going to learn how to manage our finances responsibly. We’re worried with all the labels on natural and organic options that we’ll waste money on marketing hype. I’m hoping you’ll share your advice and thoughts on eating well on a reasonable budget this week.

Look for health posts this week.

Look for health posts this week.

Great Posts This Week

I love reading great posts; it gives me some food for thought through out the week. If you want to submit your best posts of the week, I’ll check them out and include them in my weekly round-up. All the posts I’ve received so far have been accepted.

Personal Finance Carnivals to Check  Out

Couple Money submitted some posts to carnivals this week and I was happy to be included!

Thanks again and I look forward to learning about what you’ve been doing in 2010 to get healthier.

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by Elle Martinez

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  1. I think the best way to get organic and bypass the marketing hype is to buy from local food coops… Still fresh non-organic veggies are still 100times better than prepackaged food if you cant push the spending on organic too.