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Saving Money with Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless has some wonderful and cheap unlimited smartphones and plans.

Besides the family bills, I’m looking at trimming my business expenses. Last week I decided to lower my phone bill by switching to a cheaper plan with Republic Wireless. I had been using them while their service was in beta years ago and I’ve been happy with the service and coverage.

However, I saw with new plans they’ve started offering a $10/month text, talk, and data  service that would be a better fit for how I use my phone.

Yes, $10 a month.

How Republic Wireless Works

For those who haven’t heard of Republic Wireless, let me explain how they can offer such low prices.They offer several cheap smartphone plans through hybrid calling.

Hybrid calling has your phone use Wi-Fi for calls, web, text, and all things mobile. If there isn’t Wi-Fi available then your phone uses the cellular network. With so many Wi-Fi spots around the company is betting that it can help customers save money.

It’s a disruptive technology that big companies like Google are entering into and that will hopefully lead people consider other options that are more affordable for their cell phone service.

Currently, there are four plans that Republic Wireless offers starting at $5/month for a very basic wi-fi plan and leading up to a $40/month 4G plan.

Republic Wireless offer cheap unlimited cell phone plans.

Choosing the Right Smartphone and Plan

With their service, you buy your phone, there are no subsidies Republic Wireless currently offer three cell phones – Moto E, G, and X. The Moto E is an entry level phone ($99) that can be a good deal for those who want a smartphone, but don’t really use all the

Republic Wireless currently offer three cell phones – Moto E, G, and X. The Moto E is an entry level phone ($99) that can be a good deal for those who want a smartphone, but don’t really use all the bills and whistles.

The next step up is he Moto G, a very affordable and capable smartphone that starts around $149.

Finally, the Moto X is a powerhouse phone if you want a high-end model. The first generation is $299 and the latest edition is $399.

When looking at how I use my work phone, the Moto G was the best deal. It had everything that I needed.

While the $25/month plan was tempting, the $10/month plan made more sense. I need to be able to contact colleagues and clients everywhere. Between my home and the area I travel there is plenty of Wi-FI so the 3G looked unnecessary.

The good news is I can change my plan twice month and there is no contract. It made my decision much simpler.

When the phone came in this week, it only took 10 minutes to transfer over my contacts, set up my apps, and start using it.

Thoughts on Saving with Smartphone Plans

If you’re interested in using Republic Wireless to cut back on your cell phone bill and still have unlimited talk, text, and data, then sign up today.

I know that there are other providers and I can’t try them all, so please share who use you for your cell phone plans.


Moneystepper’s 2015 Savings Challenge Update #4

couple money moneystepper savings challenge

Now that May has begun it’s time for an update on the MoneyStepper’s 2015 Savings Challenge. The two main goals of the challenge are:

  • Grow Your Net Worth
  • Save % of Your Net Income

For 2015 our family will do our best to increase our net worth by 30% and have a 20% savings rate.  We pushed up from our original goals of 25% and 15% since things were looking good first quarter. (Thanks Graham for pushing us :P)

April Net Worth and Savings Results

We saw more hospital bills come up last month. Surprised I called the hospital to find out why and ask for an itemized bill. The customer service representative told me that when they were switching over systems not all charges were properly entered.

Once we confirmed that the charges were legit we scheduled them to be paid in April and this month. Hopefully that will be the end of the baby bills.

With work I hadn’t taken up any new projects in April and given how busy my schedule has been, I don’t think I’ll pick up any this month. Juggling work from home and taking care of the kids has used most of my energy.

Many days I’ve settled on a split shift – I work early in the mornings, spend time with the girls, and then finish up assignments when my husband gets home. I’m handling project fine, but I’d like to have more time working on the podcast and content here on Couple Money.

As for family events last month, we had a spring break trip to Wilmington that was very much needed and enjoyed. We went down as a family and then my mom took the girls to her place, giving us time to relax alone.

I got a deal on our hotel with some bidding on Priceline and used a portion of the tax refund to pay for it. As an added bonus, besides breakfast, the hotel had free dinner downstairs for guests one of the nights.

Now that you have an idea about what happened, here are our numbers for April:

  • YTD Net Worth Improvement: 9%
  • YTD Savings Rate: 22%

To help boost our progress, I’m going over each of our monthly bill and looking for ways to eliminate or reduce them. We managed to cut our internet bill by 15% last month.

Thoughts on Our MoneyStepper Progress

I’d like to hear about you and your family about your goals and progress so far. Have things been going well? Have you had to deal with any set backs?

Never Be Afraid to Ask

Learn how calling your bill providers can save you a ton of money

These last few weeks have been frustrating as we’re still receiving bills from our second daughter’s birth. We expected most of it, but there have been a few that caught us off guard. They range from $12 to about $350.

I’m all for paying what is due, but I also want to make sure we’re being charged the correct amount.

I requested itemized bills, so once they are confirmed to be accurate, then we’ll pay them. (Still I hate seeing our checking account dip every time we pay.)

Challenge Our Bills

To help counteract all this money leaving, I’m going over all of our regular monthly bills and seeing if we can cut them back.

My inspiration is J’s Challenge Everything series. He has  evaluated and found some ways to hack his bills down. After seven months he’s accumulated almost $4,000!

We could use that kind of money to help kill the student loan and boost our net worth to reach our financial goals this year.

The first on our list? Our internet service.

Ask and You Shall Receive (At Least Sometimes)

Honestly I had no intention of canceling my plan because I need my internet to work from home. So when I spoke with the customer service representative I told her the situation- we had a little one and we’re reevaluating all of our bills.

If you do plan on canceling your service if you don’t get a certain offer, be upfront with that. Let them know they will lose a customer that day unless you get a competitive rate. We’ve done that before and got some significant savings.

Our ten minute phone call result in lowering our monthly bill by 15%. She also suggested going ahead and getting a modem so we can drop the monthly rental charge.

Between the two changes, we should save $160 by the end of this year. Not a ton, but certainly useful.

More importantly we’ve lowered our monthly obligations giving us a bit more buffer between our income and expenses – a nice win in my book.

Thoughts on Bills

I’d love to hear about how you keep your bills in check. How often do you call up your providers and ask for a better deal? How successful were you? Any tips on getting a lower price?

Simple Banking and Humble Bundles

couple money interviews

It’s Friday! Before I check out for the weekend I want to share what’s been going on this past including an awesome deal on games and a checking account designed to help you save more money.

Humble Bundles – Fun Games, Great Causes

Humble Bundle raises money for great causes by offering deals on electronic content. You pay what you want for them and decide how much of the money goes to the publishers and how much goes to charity.

I think it’s a creative way to help out others while affordable snagging some entertainment for yourself.

There’s an Origin bundle right that has five hugely popular titles available (including Dragon Age:Origin)  if you pay any amount. You can also pay more than the average (it’s just under $5 now) and you can unlock eight more titles.

The money will be distributed to these charities:

You still have a few days left if you want to get some games and help out these wonderful charities.You can also check them out from time to time for other specials.

Couple Money Around the Web

Besides writing here, I also run the Couple Money Podcast, contribute to other sites, and occasionally do interviews. Here are few things I’ve been busy with:

Excited about next week’s episode – I’m going over how IRAs can be a huge help for retirement.

Money and More Posts I Loved This Week

I found a few gems this week

I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

How to Stop Fighting About Money and Build Wealth Instead

Welcome Money Smart Week Visitors

Welcome Master Your Money Viewers!  I hope you enjoyed Part One of the Master Your Money series. Please join in Part Two at 8pm ET tonight when three fantastic bloggers share their best money tips.

To make things easier for you, I’ve included below information and links to the topics I discussed in my presentation.

Money & Marriage Podcasts

I’m a believer in finding a support network to help you two learn to communicate better and become more money savvy. With podcasts becoming easier to follow, here are some you may want to listen to and subscribe.

Couple Money Podcast

One reason I created the Couple Money Podcast was to help couples pick up tips and encouragement from real life couples who have been in similar circumstances.

His & Her Money

Talaat and Tai talk about how when they were married that they were total opposites when it came to finances. They climb out of the debt trap (twice!). His & Her Money Podcast features their and others’ stories on how they made it through.

Better Conversation About Money & Marriage

Derek and Carrie have a wonderful podcast show that is all about Better Conversations on Money and Marriage. They’re a fun couple to listen to as they discuss real issues they’ve faced.

Simpler Happier Life Podcast

Mark and Lauren have some wonderful tips on slowing down and simplifying your life so you can be happier. Simpler Happier Life Podcast offers some practical tips on how your can cut back on expenses.

Building Up Your Marriage and Net Worth

There was so much to talk about with the presentation I couldn’t include everything that I wanted to. Depending on your situation, I hope these posts will point you two i the right direction.

Are You Two Looking at Getting on The Same Financial Page? 

Do You Want to Pay Off Debt Fast or Earn More? 

Are you Planning on Starting a Family While Still Building Your Net Worth?

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