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Dealing with Rising Vet Bills

Our cats are a part of our family and we enjoy their company. My little girl loves to help out with taking care of them. Even though she is a toddler, we give her responsibilities like helping with feedings and keeping the water bowl full.  It’s an easy way for her to learn that pets require love and attention.

Lately our older cat has been having some problems and that meant  extra vet visits and with it bigger bills.

Taking Our Cat to the Vet

It appeared that our grumpy old cat is starting to run into some problems. He’s always been an anxious cat so several years ago after trying behavior modification and diet change, he was prescribed medicine to calm him down. It has helped immensely and he is more pleasant to be around.

But now he’s starting to have urinary tract, thyroid, and possible kidney complications that have involved time and money as we’ve had to get exams and tests done to diagnose and treat them.

Looking over the past year, expenses for our buddy is a whopping $943 for this year so far. That total includes vet visits (and tests), medicines, and typical expenses like cat food and litter.

Can We Afford the Increasing Veterinarian Bills?

It’s reaching the uncomfortable point of having to discuss whether or not we can keep this up.  While running tests is important, it can quickly add up. In addition to how expensive x-rays are, we also have to pay extra so our cat is sedated as he is highly anxious.

Fortunately our vet listened to our concerns and agreed that we have to look at the different options and start with treatments that are both likely to work and fit within our budget. Since it seemed that our cat has a stone we went with the modified diet treatment. If the stone is made of a particular material, it should be enough to help break it down.

We’ve been keeping him on the special diet these last few weeks and we’ve noticed a big improvement. We are taking him back to the vet soon for a follow-up and x-ray to make sure that it has been removed.

So it looks like our budget has been squeezed, but not broken. We’ll be keeping an eye on him to make sure that if anything changes we catch it sooner than later.

Thoughts on Taking Care of Furry Friends

While we have a budget for pets, this has taught us to add some buffer for the future.  We hope we won’t have to use it, but with our older cat it may be necessary. If you’re think about adopting a pet and want to get an idea of how much to budget, the ASPCA has a great source of various animals’ costs.

How many of you own a pet? Have you gone through something similar with your pets? How did you handle it?

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Coin Jars and Our Toddler

As parents we hope that by the time our daughter leaves the house she has a healthy view of money. She’s a toddler now, so  we want to keep it fun and help her as she learns the fundamentals of math. Piggy banks are a big part part of that right now.

Counting Pennies in the Piggy Bank

My husband and I grew up with coin jars and piggy banks. I remember going on walks with my grandma and searching for coins on the ground. We either competed to see who could find the most combined our found change to grab some candy (back when it was cheap, lol).

For our baby daughter we have two little banks in her room – one was a gift from a dear friend and the other is my old piggy bank that my mom saved all these years. They are cute and our little girl enjoys ‘feeding’ her piggy some coins every now and again.

Having  piggy banks gives us a chance to have some fun with money and learn about numbers. She loves to count coins (not too concerned with explaining the differences between a nickel and a quarter – that’ll come later) as she put them in.

When the banks fill up we take the money out and deposit it into her savings account. Basically it’s where we keep her gift money from family and friends for future use. Hopefully as she gets older we can help her find ways to stash her cash and grow it faster. For now, though, it’s tucked away and slowly accumulating with each contribution.

Thoughts on Kids and Money

I’d love to hear from you guys about how you introduce money with your kids. How many of you have coin jars at home? When did you start? Growing up, what things do you remember your parents teaching you about money?

Have an eBay Account? Change your Password

Yesterday morning eBay announced that they had been hacked and customers information such as’ names,  addresses, birth dates, and passwords may have been compromised. Even though the passwords were encrypted, the company is advising all customers to change their passwords to be safe.

Protect Yourself and Your Passwords

There is no guarantee that you will never be hacked, but with a few simple precautions you can make it that much harder for criminals to harm you.

  • Never use personal information in your password. Though you may remember your password easier, do not include your child’s name, a family’s birth date, or your  other personal information.
  • Have different passwords with accounts. With some many online services, it can be so tempting to use the same password. That can put your personal information in danger as
  • Don’t use a default password. Even with stories of massive cyber attacks, some people still use easy passwords like ‘password’ and ‘1234’ for their accounts. While having something you can remeber is important, you need to be more proactive with creating passwords.
  • Use two step verification. In addition to logging in with your username and password, two step verification requires that you also give a code that is sent to your phone. Slightly more work, but it can significantly secure your accounts.

So if you have some time today, go ahead and make those changes.

Make Stronger Passwords

How can you create a stronger password without making it obscure and completely impossible to remember? One way to make your password memorable and harder to break is using pass phrases or sentences.

Let’s say you use the phrase ‘eat more foods’. When you swap in numerals and symbols it becomes ’3a+m0r3f00d$’. It looks more complicated, but it’s just as easy to remember as the original phrase.

Beware of Phishing Attacks

Now that personal information is out, you need to be on guard for password phishing. Scammer may contact you through email and ask you to change your password. The link included will most likely take you to a site site that looks just like eBay, but it will be their site.

To make sure you are changing your password on the real site, go to eBay yourself and enter your new password.

Thoughts on Protecting Your Passwords

I’d love to hear from you. How do you keep your passwords safe?

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Saving Money on Your Prescriptions

money saving tips on prescriptions

Whenever I get a money question from you guys, I try my best to give some practical solution. Recently I got a money question, but it wasn’t from a reader, it was from a family member who was having a hard time with some medical expenses.

What she is paying out of pocket for her prescriptions right now is killing her already tight budget. I went ahead and tried to find some solutions for her and since I know that far too many people are in a similar boat, I wanted to share what I got here on Couple Money.

Talk with Your Physician

I think the first step you should take is talking with your doctor(s) over your financial situation. I know that it may uncomfortable or embarrassing, but part of your doctor’s responsibility is helping your get the care you need. If you can afford your medicine, you’re more likely to not stay on your regimen which can be more serious complications down the line.

Your doctor may be able to offer solutions that you would have a hard time finding on your own. If you don’t want to make an appointment, go ahead and ask for the doctor to have a phone consultation with you.

Go Generic (if Possible)

Some pharmacies, like Wal-Mart’s $4 prescriptions,  have programs that offer low cost generic medications that can significantly lower your costs. Talk it over with your physician and see if generics are the way to go. There are times you can make the switch and not see a difference, other times, your physician will recommend sticking with your brand name medication (that doesn’t mean you can’t still save, see below).

Shop Around for the Best Price

Speaking of pharmacies, prices can vary place to place so shopping around can be rewarding. GoodRx has an app that can do the search quickly and easily for you. It can also find coupons for you which is a nice bonus. Kiplingers included GoodRx as one of their top money savings apps. It’s free and it is available for both Android and Apple phones.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance(PPA)

PPA helps qualifying individuals get the medicines they need by searching for patient assistance programs. You can call them or go to their site and  give them a list of the medications you need help with. They do not charge for this service.

Thoughts on Prescription Medicine Discounts

I really hope this helps you or a love one save money on your medication. Please feel free to share this post with anyone who could use it. For those who have gone through this situation, what helped you?

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Knocking Out Your Credit Card Debt

pay off credit card debt faster

Credit card debt has become common for some families. Recently NerdWallet did an analysis data from the Federal Reserve and others on average households’ credit card debt. They found that the average household has $7,087 and when you look at just the indebted households it comes out to $15,191.

Families not only have to deal with the balances, they typically have to pay high interest rates on them, making it harder to get out of debt.

What if you are one of those families and you’re tired of having your paycheck being devoted to just keeping up with the bills? There are ways you can take control of your finances and gain your financial freedom.

Find Out Exactly How Much You Owe

This may seem like a obvious step, but you may be surprised with what you find out like discovering that your interest rate had shot up on one of your credit cards. Once you have a list all your creditors, the interest rates, and the total amount you owe, it’s time to get organized.

You can use free online tools like ReadyForZeroFinovera (read my review here) or Mint to pull that data for you or if you prefer, you can use  a debt reduction spreadsheet.

Create a Spending Plan So You Stop Using Credit Cards

When I had credit card debt, taking the cards out of my wallet was a easy and effective step. I had less temptation to rely on them when I wanted to make an impulse buy. I was creating a barrier for myself and improving my finances. For others, you may have to lock them away or shred them to stop using them.

Tucking away your credit cards isn’t enough.  You can’t get out of debt if you keep going back into it. That means that the two of you need a spending plan that will avoid having to rely on credit cards in between paychecks. It has to be realistic and sustainable.

Choose a Payment Plan That You Can Keep

The wonderful thing with getting out of debt is that there are several different routes you can take to reach your goal. Use either a debt snowflake, snowball, or even an avalanche to work your way to being debt free. Just use a method that works well with your spending habits.  Highest interest rate method is the financially sound decision and lowest debt is the psychologically empowering decision.

I went for the debt snow ball method (lowest balance first) to give myself a win quicker and to keep me on the plan. When we were married and were paying off the car loan early, we relied on one another to keep motivated.

You two can set up payments through your credit union or bank so you don’t have to constantly worry about whether you did it while juggling your regular responsibilities.

Staying Motivated While Getting Out of Debt

Speaking of encouragement, most of us can appreciate rewards. As humans we all need incentives to do something. For some people seeing the numbers go down on their debt is motivation enough to continue. For me, it was celebrating each credit card pay off. Everyone has something that can keep them focused.  It doesn’t have to be big or expensive (no need to undo what you did), it just has to be special.

Thoughts on Paying Off Credit Cards

I hope you’re revved up to tackle your debt. For those who have conquered your credit cards, what tips do you have on paying off debt? 

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