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Getting a Tablet

Getting a Tablet post image archos Turbo tablet

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! My husband and I are catching up on some cleaning and household projects as the rest of the month will be spent out of town or having family come over. I’m excited because my husband ordered my anniversary gift, an Archos tablet from Newegg, and we’re expected it either Tuesday or Wednesday.

We’ve been hunting and looking around at all of the options out there and the 80 G9 TURBO Android Tablet looked like the best fit. He’s also getting a tablet as his anniversary gift, but we’ll see if he’ll wait for the next iteration of the Archos or if he’ll get the same one  he ordered for me.

I’m working on a post about shopping for Android tablet and will include our notes and thoughts. If you’ve recently bought a tablet, please share your personal reviews in the comments below. I’d love to include it and give credit to you for sharing.

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I hope you enjoy reading them as much I did writing them.


This week HP has some great deals now and next week if you’re on the hunt for a laptop.

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I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. I also recommend checking out my blogroll to pick up some great personal finance blogs to follow. Please also let me know what are some of your favorite blogs that you enjoy reading on a regular basis. Have fun this weekend with your family and try to stay warm!

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by Elle Martinez

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  1. Looks like a nifty tablet! Can’t get my arms around buying one though as I have too much stuff.

    Enjoy the holidays and all the goodies! :)

    1. Thanks Sam; believe it or not my intention for tablet is to help me get more work done while I take care of our baby at home.

  2. Elle, congrats on the tablet….my wife and I haven’t broken into the 21st century enough to get one yet, but I’m sure we’re less than a year away.

    And thanks for including my infographic in your round-up!

    1. there was a lot of helpful information with that infographic. Since we’re going to be buying a car some time next year, I’ve bookmarked that page!

      1. Elle, when it comes time, let me know if you want any tips or help during the process…..or if you want to try out my new car buying technique I’d love to hear any feedback you have on how well it works for you.

        1. I really appreciate it; hopefully you’ll hear from me some time this spring!

  3. You will have to let me know if you like the tablet. I don’t find any purpose for one yet…unless it would be for entertainment while traveling or on the beach. What will you guys be using them for?

    1. It’s actually to give me a bit more freedom with work (at least that’s idea). hopefully I can get more research and writing done. I’ll update later if I accomplish my goal :)

  4. I’m with Jon on this one. I’m a Mac user and am saving for a 13″ laptop, maybe on Craigslist after the holidays. I need word processing capabilities and would like to be able to work on spreadsheets etc. when out on job sites with my husband. My sister has an iPad and loves it. I’ll be interested to get your reviews. Nice anniversary gift though : )

    1. Darris,

      saw you are looking for a Mac, and my wife is looking to sell her iBook g4. let me know if interested and can provide more details

  5. Thank you for the mention! I don’t actually understand the point of a tablet…but The Wife is getting the kindle fire from my parents so maybe I’ll seen then