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Couple Money Weekly Round-Up: Happy Anniversary

This weekend has been very eventful and one thing has happened with our family is my in-law’s 31st anniversary. We decided to make a weekend trip and see the family for a dinner. It’s been a beautiful weekend here in Virginia and with the ocean breeze and the temperature has been just right for a cookout. This weekend is going well and I love relaxing as I got to hang  family and friends. I only wish it was longer.

My father in law made some potato salad from scratch and grilled some awesome filet mignon. I made some cranberry and feta cheese salad. Their 31st Anniversary Dinner was beautiful!

I love catching up with my in-laws and having some time with my side of the family right in the area this morning.

Marriage Tips and Stories

I love to turn the topic over to you. How long have you’ve been married? What tips can you offer to staying happy as a couple and building financial freedom together? Do you have any great anniversary stories to share?

Great Posts This Week

I was happy to have some great bloggers submit some of their posts this week for the Couple Money Round-Up.

What has been your favorite post this week?

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by Elle Martinez

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  1. Thanks for the include! It’s such a unique way to do a roundup :) Sounds like you had a busy and fulfilling weekend.

  2. Gracias Elle for the shoutout. 31 years….. that’s great. Perhaps one day we will get there as well.

    Best, Sam

  3. Thanks for including my post! 31 years is amazing. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  4. Thanks! We got home late this afternoon and I’ve been playing catch up with my emails and comments. This weekend has been wonderful and I’m excited to tackle some posts this week.

  5. Thanks for the Mention! More Importantly, 31 years! wow that is amazing, a true testament to the power of love!