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Couple Money Weekly Round-Up: Samsung Moment Update is Coming

Android 2.1 Update is Coming Soon!

Whenever you see me tweeting during the day, it’s usually with Seesmic on my phone. I really love my Samsung Moment and I’m really excited to hear that an OS update is coming very soon. Two versions of the Android 2.1 update have been leaked this week with some users to try it out.

Android 2.1 update is coming soon for the Samsung Moment

Android 2.1 update is coming soon for the Samsung Moment

When we bought the Moment in November, it only had Android 1.5, so this will be a big upgrade. If you’re looking to upgrade your Samsung Moment, you may want to check out this articles:

Great Posts This Week

I also use my phone to catch up on my favorite blogs through out the day. I read some wonderful posts this week, many of them are dealing with the topic of taxes as April 15th approaches. I’ll only highlight a few of my favorite tax posts though.

Giveaways to Check Out

If you’re looking to win some great stuff, a few personal finance bloggers have some great prizes to give out!

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  1. Thanks for including me! I haven’t gotten the pingback yet, so it’s really fun to read an article and suddenly see your name there! I’m getting an iPhone today which I’m very excited about, and the 4.0 update should be coming in a few months! Congrats!

  2. I went with the HTC Hero when I moved to Android. I am waiting for my upgrade! They keep pushing the upgrade back.

  3. Thanks for mentioning my giveaway :)

  4. I knew there was a reason I really like you. I use my Hero (android) to tweet all day and while delivering pizza. I’m waiting for the update too. Have you tried the Swift App yet for twitter. It has a built in browser so following all the links in twitter is simple, much better the Seesmic.

  5. @Daniel: I hope you have fun with the iPhone! A couple of my friends have it and love it.

    @Evan and Jeff: I love the Android OS and discovering new apps. I’m definitely going to check out the swift app Jeff! :)

    @Jackie: no problem; I think money is a great prize to win!

  6. Thanks for the mention Elle!