Four Hour Chef – Worth It?

A couple of weeks ago I received my copy of The Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss that I had pre-ordered. I bought the book for a few reasons, with cooking not being the main one.

  • Fan of Tim’s writing: I mainly bought the book because I’ve read Tim’s other books and have used portions of his tips and tricks. He’s a show man for sure, but Tim does back it up with actual tactics that people can use.
  • Learning how to learn: Related to Tim’s writing, I also appreciate that his books are more than the topic given on the cover. Tim’s process of acquiring skills rapidly is due to his system for learning. While his other books have touched on it, this book goes into greater detail on the hows.
  • Becoming a better cook: We’ve taken turns with cooking since we’ve been married. As I picked up more recipes and techniques, I’ve enjoyed it more. Tim’s book has been a great aid in getting me to try out a few new things and getting it done faster. Win-win for us.

I’m currently working through the scheduled meals on the Domestic section of the book and I have to say that it’s really fun. If you’re on the fence,  check out some snippets from the book to see if it’s right for you. I love the book and I even got a second kindle copy for traveling.

Couple Money on the Web

Besides writing here on Couple Money, I write on some other financially related sites.

  • TurboTax: Tips for Starting Your Own Business -> Sometimes if you can’t find a job that uses your talents and fits your schedule, you have to go and create it. It’s not easy, but it’s certainly fun. Taking care of some due diligence can make the process go smoother.
  • My Financial Reviews: Getting Ready for 2013: For those looking at improving their finances without making a drastic change, I share a couple of tips on what you can do to give yourself some more money next year and beyond.

Favorite Personal Finance Posts This Week

Here are some personal finance posts and more that I’ve enjoyed this past week. If you want to stay up to date on all the money posts I’m reading, please follow me on Twitter or join me on Facebook.

  • 2012 Goals and Resolutions Wrap Up via @retireby40: Right now I’m checking out different personal finance blogs, checking to see their goals for next year. Part of it is curiosity and part of it to make sure I’m not missing something we should do, lol!
  • Saving Money by Procrastinating via @squirrelers: Yeah, I was curious to how this would work out and I was happy to see that procrastination (or patience if you want to frame it differently 🙂 ) can pay off with purchases.
  • Finding Your Writing Voice via @JFM: This is something I struggle with so I had to click on the link when I saw it. It’s easy to get caught up with what you’re supposed to do when blogging – checking others bloggers styles, seeing what works for them and what doesn’t. However it’s not going to help you find your voice. Instead I’ve found that writing and then reading it back to myself is incredibly painful useful necessary to finding your voice.
  • Great Part-Time Jobs for Busy Parents via @seedebtrun: If you’re looking for a boost of income for a specific goal (like getting a $500 credit card paid off ASAP) for a limited time, Michelle shares a couple of ideas.

I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful weekend!

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  • Shawn James Dec 24, 2012, 1:31 am

    Hi Elle, I am interested to know your review after reading “Four Hour Chef”. I liked “Great Part-Time Jobs for Busy Parents” blog post. I am a weekly visitor of this blog.