Guess People Want Cheaper Smart Phone Plans

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Guess people are really curious about getting a $20 smart phone plan. Since I posted it earlier this week, I’ve been talking with friends, family, and readers about it. Since I’m know using 2 phones during this review period, people have asked me about the service. It seems like people would love to cut their cellphone bills while still having a smart phone to use. I’m still getting used to the phone – I actually prefer using a phone with a slide out keyboard option :)

I’m bringing the phone to Virginia to see how the coverage and service holds up as we travel. Hopefully there will be no problems or hiccups. While it’s too soon to give a definitive answer I will say that so far it has been alright. I haven’t had a dropped call and I’ve set up the phone for the wireless networks I’m around the most here in the Triangle area.

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  • Evan@MyJourneytoMillions

    Glad you liked the post!

    • Elle Martinez

      It’s a good article review for someone looking at updating their will.

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