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Heatwave Edition

It’s been another week of this heat wave and i’m just about done. I’ve been setting personal records on drinking water and all my workouts have been indoors.

I hope you have been doing well. It’s been a bit since I’ve done a weekly round-up,s o I wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts and carnivals.

Personal Finance Carnivals

  • Carnival of Personal Finance – Gettin’ Hot in Here ed. @ Nerd Wallet
  • Best of Money Carnival #60 – Best World Cup Goals ed. @Financial Highway
  • Carnival of Money Stories – Starting A Sideline ed. @ The Financial Blogger
  • Festival of Frugality #239 – Commandments of Frugality @ Modern Tightwad
  • Favorite Personal Finance Posts this Week

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    1. Here are some tips on how to save money during a heat wave. I would avoid buying bottled water and would bring a bottle of tap water with me to work. I like to make my own popsicles out of fruit punch instead of buying them. Buying tubs of ice cream is also much cheaper than buying individual cones from time to time.