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Keeping the Pocket Change

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It’s such a beautiful weekend! It looks like we’ll be in the high 80s all this week. While the plants may not like the heat as much, it’s nice feel a bit of summer coming in.

As I was organizing stuff around the house the week, I found some spare change. I placed it in my coin jar in my room. I’m hoping to fill it up and deposit into my savings for an anniversary gift later this year. My husband also has a change jar that he uses – it’s just something we both picked up from our families.

How many of you collect your pocket change for later use? How do you use your spare change around the house?

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Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

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  1. Hey Elle!
    I hardly use cash, but when I do, I always put the change in a small bucket until it gets full. Then we roll it up and deposit it in our bank account.

    Since we always use our debit card, I signed up with “keep the change” with BOA. They round my purchase to the next highest dollar, and deposit the “change” into my savings account. I’ve saved about $900 in the last few years just by doing that!

    Thanks for including my article.

    1. Great job Khaleef on saving a bundle last year! When we were with Bank of America years ago, I used the program and loved it. Saving doesn’t have to be a chore or with a large amount of cash. Starting small can add up quickly.

  2. I used to always save coins in a jar, and once a year, take it to the bank and convert it into about $20 bucks — a nice little treat. These days my boyfriend drives a toll road to get to and from work, so we unload all our coins at the toll booth.

  3. I used a change jar fairly effectively for years. I saved $40-50 per month. I no longer use cash or go out for lunch so I very rarely have change.

    1. $50 a month ($600/year) is a nice amount to save up – you can get into some mutual funds with that money.

      I’m also a debit card person, so I don’t have change as often as I used to have.

  4. Our spare change goes into a jar along with “found” money like yard sale proceeds and we joke that it’s our early retirement fund. We probably have around $350 in the jar. Like krantcents we rarely have change so it grows very slowly.

  5. Once upon a time, my partner and I decided to save all our change for 6 months and see what we had – I need to mention we are in Canada and this includes $1 and $2 coins. We ended up saving several hundred dollars, and since then we keep 3 change jars by the front door, so when we come home and have pocket change etc., into the jars they go. One is for $1 and $2 coins, one for “silver”, and one for pennies.
    About twice a year we use this “fun money” for random things: extra cash at Christmas, spending money for our trip home in the summer, etc.

    We dont save as much change now, because we dont spend as much money on a daily basis, but it still adds up. I recommend anyone save their change – and if you are in the USA, inlude your $1 bills too!

  6. We use one of those 5 gallon water jugs…I change it in every time we go on vacation. It usually pays for a couple dinners!

  7. We do keep out spare change which does add up quickly because we use cash for just about everything.
    We keep a running total of our coin amount and we will use it for a family vacation! Fun stuff…

    1. More power to you with a debt free family vacation! We’ve done it and it’s a wonderful feeling- not having to pay the credit cards back for months afterwards.