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Tightwad Gazette Edition

Tightwad Gazette Book frugal tips

I’ve managing to get some reading done this week and I’m happy to say I’m about a 1/3 into The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn. I had read bit and pieces of it throughout the year, but after reading JD’s endorsement of it, I decided to read the whole thing.

There is a ton of useful information and while I don’t want to or can’t apply all the tips, it’s interesting to see the process that goes with frugality. It certainly takes some creativity and skills.

Carnivals for the Week

If you haven’t hosted a blog carnival, I will let you know that it does take time to organize all the entries. kudos to this week’s hosts!

Posts to Catch Up With This Weekend

There were some wonderful posts this week that I was happy to read. I wanted to share some quick thoughts on them. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

  • If You Can’t Live on $40,000 Per Year, Its Your Own Fault via @LenPenzo: I have to say, Len presents a great case on the matter. Is it really cost of living of the area or is it what you think it should be? Southern California is an expensive place, but if $40k can get you want you need, then maybe the problem is people’s lifestyles.
  • The New Rule For Engagement Ring Buying via @financialsamura: Stipulating how much your engagement ring should be is not my cup of tea. While having a beautiful ring is wonderful, I didn’t give my husband a budget for it. Sam’s guideline seems like a great way to start a discussion!
  • Is Money Evil via @FrugalZeitgeist : No. There’s certainly more to it than that, but you should check FZ’s post for it. :)
  • Saying and Doing Are Two Different Things via @Little House: Certainly true with personal finance. I think most of us know what we need to do, but execution is hard. Great post on topic. My suggestion for those having a hard time getting started -automate savings. It’s been extremely helpful for us.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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by Elle Martinez

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  1. Thanks for the highlight! It’s the one and only rule we should abide by, if a woman so choose to have a ring of a particular type and cost!

    Best, Sam

  2. Came over here to comment and realised you linked a post on my blog, thanks :)….

    I am about 2/3rds through the Tightwad Gazette, it really is an awesome book and very well thought out.

  3. @Sam: I enjoyed the two part post. I think you’ve started many discussions with that!

    @Forest: I’m really enjoying it. I’ve discovered some new tips and tricks that I haven’t thought of.

  4. I’m just amazed with some of the ideas that the author “Amy Dacyczyn” comes up with! While some of her suggestions take too much effort, others really make you go “Hmmm”!

  5. That is one of my favorite frugal books, the other is America’s Cheapest Family. Tighwad Gazette has more tips whereas America’s Cheapest Family is more idea orientated but they both gear me up to be more frugal.