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We Sold the VW Jetta!

We Sold the VW Jetta! post image

Great news – we finally sold our Jetta Through Craigslist! As you know, we bought a family car last year and was debating back and forth over which car to sell- my old Jetta or my husband’s Celica. We decided to sell the jetta. my husband is too attached to his car 😉

We went ahead and put the Jetta on sale with Craigslist (after getting its oil changed, a tune up, and it professionally cleaned). it took just over a week, but my VW is now with a new family. I hope she continues to run for years and serve them as well as she has done for us.

We’ve talked about what we’re going to do with the money as a couple and once everything has cleared from the bank accounts, I’ll share them here. Part of this money will be used for paying down the student loan for sure, though I’m not quite sure how much.

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I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

by Elle Martinez

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  1. Nice job Elle! Must feel like such a relief. Shot you an e-mail earlier, but you must be busy. Hope the year is treating you well.

    Best, Sam

    1. Thanks Sam; we’re happy to have that off our list. On to the next goal! I got your email on my phone, but I caught the bug that going around :( Just exhausted this week. I spent all day Monday catching on everything.

  2. Good job on selling it so quickly! Sounds like you played your cards just right…