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Why Most Couples Fail with Money Goals & How to Win!

Looking to achieve some major financial goals this year? Learn how you two can easily create an effective system to have money wins! Tomorrow, a new year begins, and many people start it off by setting resolutions or goals. I get it – it’s a fresh start and for many, an opportunity to hit a […]

How to Set Up and Reach Your Money Goals Together

Today we’ll go over key steps on how to set up and achieve your big family money goals for next year!  Set Your Family Up for Big Wins As 2021 winds down, now is a great time to set up some pieces with your finances so you can knock things out of the ballpark in […]

How to Set (and Reach!) Your Big Financial Goals

Learn how to create goals to achieve your big financial goals while avoiding burnout! Knocking Out Your Big Financial Goals When we started this mini-series last week about rebooting your money, I talked about how to hit those goals you have to change things up a bit. Karen Cordaway went over how we could reframe […]