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How to Set (and Reach!) Your Big Financial Goals

Learn how you can create goals to achieve your big financial goals while avoiding burn out! Knocking Out Your Big Financial Goals When we started this mini-series last week about rebooting your money, I talked about how to hit those goals you have to change things up a bit. Karen Cordaway went over how we […]

How to Buy a House (and Still Have Money for Other Goals!)

Buying a house soon? Find out how you can find an affordable house that you love! Buying a House – Run the Numbers! Owning a home is a dream of some people, but there are many that either feel like it’s impossible for them to achieve it. I will say up front that I don’t think home […]

3 Keys to Knocking Out Your Big Money Goals Together

Are you guys ready to knock out a big money goal together, but don’t know where to start? I’m going to show you three key steps to take so that you can reach your goal together and have some fun. Knock Out Your Big Money Goals Together Excited about your big goal for this year- […]

Why Most People Fail with Their Goals (And How You Can Win!)

Tomorrow a new year begins and many people start it off by making some resolutions or goals. I get it – it’s a fresh start that can inspire a desire to improve. However, it’s not the date that really matters when it comes to goals. In fact, if you look at the numbers, things don’t […]

How to Achieve Your Big Money Goals Together

Today we’re going over to figure out the best money goals for you and how to tackle them together! Tackling Your Big Money Goals It’s December, can you believe it? What are your plans for this month? Last weekend we went up to visit family and friends in Virginia. We had a wonderful time, but […]