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Marriage and Money Mailbag: Extra Income, Your Retirement Number, and More

 Today we’re answering your marriage and money questions – how to earn extra money on the side, figuring out your retirement number, and how to make the most of year-end bonus! Marriage and Money Mailbag: Extra Income, Your Retirement Number, and More Welcome to another community mailbag episode where we tackle your biggest marriage and money questions! […]

Marriage and Money Q&As: The Cost of Raising a Baby, Dealing with Medical Bills, Plus More

We answer some of your biggest marriage and money questions! How much do we need to save for a baby? How do we handle medical expenses and finances with a disability?  Marriage and Money Q&As Welcome to another edition of our community mailbag show! This is where we take a break from our regular episodes which usually […]

Marriage and Money Mailbag: Bigger Paycheck or Bigger Refund and Best Money Tools for Couples

Today we answer your big marriage and money questions! How do you optimize your paychecks to keep more of your money? How do you tackle multiple goals and make real progress on them?  Marriage and Money Mailbag We’re here – the summer of savings finale! It’s been an incredible and fun six weeks. I hope […]

Marriage and Money Mastermind

Marriage & MoneyMastermindTransform Your finances with top experts and supportive community Couple Money This is a “content playground” for the Atomic 2 set of landing pages in Thrive Architect. If you like building your own pages, this is the perfect basis to start from. You can use this to create a content page, a sales […]

Marriage and Money: Should We Have Joint or Separate Bank Accounts?

How you two manage your bank accounts can not only make or break your money but your marriage. How do you know if joint or separate bank accounts are the right way to go? Find out how you can find the best system for you two! Why How You Manage Your Bank Accounts Matter This […]

Are High Deductible Insurance Really a Good Deal and Other Marriage and Money Questions

Today we’re answering your big marriage and money questions. We’ll discuss if those high deductible health plans really good deal, whether you should lend money to family, and how to save money this year on insurance!  Answering Your Marriage and Money Questions This week we’re doing a community mailbag show where I answer what’s on your […]

Marriage and Money Workshop Broadcast

HOW TO GET YOUR SPOUSE ON BOARD WITH MONEYCOMING SOON You’re All S​​​​igned Up!I’ll send a link nextQuestions? Let us know: Copyright 2017, Company Name – Disclaimer

Marriage and Money Workshop

How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Money Live Workshop: Get Tactics, Tools, and Conversation Starters THAT WORKIf you’re married, getting on the same page with your money is key. Disagreements about money are one of the top reasons why couples divorce. What most couples don’t know is that how you start having those conversations without […]