Learn how to get on the same page, dump the debt, and build wealth Together!


Marriage and money can be tricky. 

When we got engaged we discovered that we had completely different views on money. 


A major reason Couple Money began was to track our progress with dumping debt and working together on finances and more. 

And as we shared our jouney to dumping debt, other couples chimed in with their wins, struggles, and advice. 

The mission of Couple Money is to help spouses stop fighting about money and start building a life they love together. 

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Working Together on Money

Couple Money has expanded and now it includes a podcast, Marriage and Money Money Tip Show, and more! 

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personal Finance is Personal

Even though we cover handy tool, tactics, and strategies for spouses working together on their money, there is no one right solution for all couples.

I'm NOT a financial professional - just a regular person like you - so please take my advice as opinion.

When you see a resource that you think could work for you, please check it and talk it over together.

Catch the Podcast!

Couple Money Podcast tackles how to build your marriage and wealth together!

I interview financial experts, renowned journalists, and real life couples who have done extraordinary things with their money such as:

     - paid off six figures of debt,
     - overcame financial infidelity,
     - started a business together, and
     - retired early!

Get the tools and tips that have helped them so you can be successful with your finances and marriage.

We also cover how crucial topics that many marriages are dealing with such as whether or not to loan money to family, dealing with mental illness, and managing finances a newly blended family. 

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