Tax 101 Tip: Have the Correct Filing Status on Your Tax Return

Are you ready for taxes?! Alright, I admit, taxes aren’t the most exciting thing to do on the weekend, but knocking them out quickly means that one huge to do item off our list. We started getting notifications from some of our financial institutions that some tax documents are ready. I opened a folder to […]

Marriage & Money: How to Talk and Work on Your Finances Together

Trying to pay down debt, but having a hard time talking about money? these tips helped us to get on the same page and win with our money goals! One of the biggest reasons marriages break down is money problems. Remember your marriage is much more important than money. You can improve your marriage and finances […]

The Opposite of Spoiled: How to Raise Money-Smart (and Generous) Kids

Ron Lieber, NY Times money columnist and author of The Opposite of Spoiled, discusses how to raise money-savv kids who are generous.  Talking About Money with Our Kids Whether we plan to or not our kids will pick up their financial habits based on what we say and do around them. We can look back at our parents and get an […]

Tax Brackets and Effective Tax Rates: What You Need to Know

Want to maximize your taxes? Learn how tax brackets works and legit ways on how you can lower your taxable income and qualify for a bigger tax refund! With January here, taxes are on our minds. Over the last few years, we’ve developed a rhythm and system. As the paperwork comes in I stash it […]

How to Change Your Habits and Own Your Finances This Year

Tired of missing your money goals for the year? Learn how you can change your habits and own your finances! Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a goal and before the week or month was over, you quit. Yeah, me too. Why is it despite some of our best intentions we fail at achieving […]