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Are you two stressed over money? Do your talks more often than not end up in fights? Learn an effective and fun way you get on the same page and talk about money! The Money Talk vs Money Dates One of the most popular questions I get is, when should we talk about money? Having THE […]

Most people think of bucket list examples as over-the-top, one-off goals to do before you die. Maybe they envision seeing the Northern Lights, skydiving or insert pricey excursions. Though these types of experiences are enjoyable, it can be hard for the average couple to accomplish these types of goals on a regular basis. You also […]

How well is your budget working for you? With this crisis, many couples are reviewing and evaluating theirs.  Some of it is due to the sheer force of changes they’ve had to deal with – maybe it’s a job loss. It could also be a cut in work hours or sadly it can be from […]

2020 is not business as usual. Today we’re going over how to pivot and change your budget to put your family in a more financially stable spot! How to Readjust Your Finances Most of us are still dealing with the financial fallout of the coronavirus. With this last part of the series, we’re going to […]

Here are some key takeaways to help you get through and start building some financial stability! Pivoting Your Finances Through New Habits I hope you are doing well, are safe, and healthy.  We’re just starting June but I think Jason Vitug pointed out on Twitter, “This is indeed the longest shortest year ever.” I started […]

Bob Lotich shares key habits that helped him break the paycheck to paycheck and debt cycle. We also get into how to encourage your spouse to get on board and tackle finances together! Better Habits, Better Money As we continue dealing with coronavirus and its effects, many of us are taking another look at our […]

Now more than ever we need to build our savings, but how can you get started? Joe Mecca from Coastal Credit Union shares his strategies and tips on saving money during a crisis! Prioritize Saving and Building Your Financial Cushion We’re continuing our mini-series about how deal with finances during the coronavirus crisis. We’ve been […]