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Since it’s the first week in April, it’s time for me to run the numbers and check out our net worth as of the end of March. I can tell you right now, March was BUSY! Besides our first mortgage payment, we also made our last rent payment at the apartment, so we had to be […]

Last month, when I reviewed our net worth I mentioned that I would stop procrastinating and get my student loans consolidated and refinanced. I’m happy to say I got it done. It’s not a huge and dramatic goal, but I achieved it. Having small goals can push you further along your big picture dreams. Consolidating Federal Loans […]

This week with giveaway and Problogger guest post has been incredible! I’m so grateful for EVERYONE that has selflessly promoted not only the netbook giveaway, but also my blog since it’s started 6 months ago. Couple Money’s Netbook Winner! I’m happy to announce that the winner is…. MoneyFunk! Here’s what MoneyFunk won: Asus 10.1″ Netbook […]

Turbo Tax’s blog posted my thoughts on the Dirty Dozen tax scams yesterday. Make sure if someone else does your taxes that you review it with them. I mentioned that the IRS reports phishing scams is on their top list, but it’s not only for taxes. With the 2010 Census operations going on, you have […]

Thanks for reading my post on improving my site with the 31 Day Challenge! I had a blast with it and as I continued following a modified weekly version of it, I’m hoping that it’ll help Couple Money’s community to grow. My hope is that you’ll look around and join us we’re building financial freedom […]

I started this site 6 months ago and I’m so grateful for the support that has been shown. A lot has happy in the last 6 months, going from house hunting to moving out of our apartment while the dispute with the new place went on (they raised the rent too high), finding a temporary […]

March is here and it’s the start of our mortgage payments! We paid our regular payment at the beginning of this month. If you remember from last month, we mentioned that we wanted to use our tax refund to pay down our mortgage. We also want to go ahead and send regular extra principal payments. Our […]

I’m a big fan of Man Vs Debt and was happy to see his new guide Unautomate Your Finances released yesterday. As you can see from my review of it yesterday, I really think it’s a solid guide for handling your finances. If you haven’t already checked out his site, I think you’ll be amazed at […]