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I mentioned earlier some ideas for tax refunds that we’ve used to improve our finances. What’s our plan for our tax refund this year? We just have two goals this year: pay down the mortgage and paying cash for some small house projects. Tax Refund Goal #1: Pay Down the Mortgage Our main goal this […]

It’s been quiet here because we’ve been busy with the new townhouse and we had guests in town this weekend. This past Friday we moved into our new place and we’re loving it so far. We’ve been working hard to get this feeling more like our home than just an all white generic house on […]

File Your Own Taxes with TurboTax Many people get nervous or worried about filing income taxes, thinking it’s a boring and confusion process. Using tax software like TurboTax (also available online) can make it much easier and quicker.  TurboTax offers a user friendly interview style that guides you through the tax process. Personal Information TurboTax […]

It’s time for another net worth review at Couple Money. With the new year brings new financial goals for us. The big news this month? We bought the townhouse! Let’s see how that affected our bank accounts. 🙂 Cash Savings and Emergency Funds (-$3948)   This category includes our checking and savings accounts. Our joint savings is used […]

Amortization is a method that lenders use to allocate payments of the life of the mortgage that takes into account the principle and the interest. What is Amortization for Mortgages? For a fixed rate mortgage the payment amount remains constant over the life of the loan. For mortgages, in the beginning of your loan most of the money goes […]

We’re moving along with getting the house ready for us. Since we gave our 60 days notice to the leasing office at the apartment, we’re not in a rush this time for the move. We’ve been moving some of the smaller boxes over the last week into the new place that was still packed up. […]

It’s another edition of Sunday Blogger where I share some of my personal favorite bloggers. This week Paul from Fiscal Geek has been kind enough to participate! Fiscal Geek interview Paul, could you tell us a little about yourself? By day I’m a network engineer at a very large corporation. I’ve been in the tech […]