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I have been a homeowner for less than a week and I’m already mad. While we were looking at places to buy we were given much advice, some good, some benign, and some just plain bad. Bad Home Buy Advice to Avoid The bad advice was from people who weren’t homeowners repeating things they’ve heard about […]

I subscribed to the Scrooge Strategy last year and love it. In case you haven’t heard about the Scrooge Strategy, it’s a paid subscription Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You to Be Rich. I had participated in Ramit’s Save $1,000 in 30 Days Challenge and was able to save and earn some money from either […]

It’s hard to map out something without some sort of destination. Having a financial game plan is a big part of reaching your goals and it can help you two develop ways to communicate effectively. Start with Your Why You can start off by creating a list of goals you two wish to achieve in […]

Real quick, but important post- If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve heard of the devastation in Haiti. there is a tremendous need for help. Please consider making a donation to a reputable charity. Oxfam is helping out the Haitian citizens. Here’s there tweet about the disaster relief. @oxfamamerica is already on the ground in #Haiti […]

It’s time to do our monthly net worth review on Couple Money. Come see how progress we made this past month as we work towards financial freedom. Cash Savings and Emergency Funds (+$4007) This category includes our checking and savings accounts. Our joint savings includes our emergency fund and our house down payment fund. The biggest […]

If you’re like me, setting goals and keeping them is not your nature. I have learned the hard way that having specific goals help me get more done instead of doing several things at once and getting nowhere. One very productive way to write a goal is to use the SMART method. Create SMART Goals […]

I just wanted to say that I’m married to a wonderful husband. Happiness can mean so many things… …but for me, happiness means sharing my life with you. Happy Anniversary With All My Love Photo Credit: Beverly & Pack

I think having a lower price is a better deal, but sometimes rebates offer huge discounts. When we joined Cingular a few years ago, they had a great rebate deal on a phone that would make it free. It had the features we wanted from a cell phone so we bought them. The problem? We didn’t redeem […]