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Elle Martinez helps families at Couple Money achieve financial freedom by sharing tips for reducing debt, increase income, and building net worth. Learn how to live on one income and have fun with the second..

When you’re dealing with six figures of debt, paying it off, not only seems like an impossible task, but one of deprivation. Today we’re going to hear from one family on how they became debt-free while still enjoying life. Dumping $100,000 of Debt as a Family Getting rid of debt takes effort. When you’re talking […]

With the high interest rates, paying off your credit card debts can be an especially hard challenge. Today we’ll look at how you can use the debt lasso to speed that process up! Using the Debt Lasso to Knock Out a Ton of Debt Carrying a ton of debt can be tough. When it’s credit […]

Today we’re going to talk about how you can pivot your money as a couple so you can have some big financial wins this year! Setting Up Yourselves up for Big Financial wins For many couples, 2020 was challenging. It could be on the financial side, health-wise, or with our schedules and routines. Understandably, you’re […]

Get a peek into how we did with our goals for this year and see how you can do your year review and set yourself up for an incredible 2021!  Year-End Review and Planning for 2021 What a year, what a year! We still have a nother month, but most people I know are kind […]

How well is your money working for you? Today we’re looking at how personal finance can be more holistic and reflective of what most to you through financial wellness! Financial Wellness: A Holistic Approach to Money How did this year go for you?  I have not met one person yet who has had it go […]

We’ve brought back the reader mailbag. Today we’re answering your questions about marriage and money!  Community Mailbag: Answering Your Money Questions! One of my favorite parts of Couple Money is the community. Having you be a part of this has definitely made the work more enjoyable. Whenever I hear from you about what you’re working […]

Are you sick and tired of your bank, but you’re worried about dealing with the hassle of switching today? We’re going to show how you can seamlessly move your money and find a better banking option for you! rEADY to Switch A nEW Bank? A bad bank or credit union can not only be a […]