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How to Determine If It’s Better to Rent or Buy a Place

Most renters dream of transitioning from renting to owning homes. For some, it is more financially responsible to buy a place of their own. While leasing an apartment is cheaper in the short term, buying a home is most likely the largest investment and asset a person ever owns. Renting vs Buying a Home The tricky part is […]

Tips on How to Save Money While Moving to a New House

Moving to a new house is something that can be looked into in many different ways. If you’ve spent all your spendings on the house of your dreams, you won’t probably even read this article seeking for advice on how to save a buck while moving family to a new house. However, if you’re blessed […]

Paying Cash for Everything – Even a House!

Our family looks like a typical Midwestern family. We’re raising two small kids – ages four and one – in a nice suburban house with a big yard. No dogs, but you get the idea. What’s unusual about us is the absence of something that nearly every household holds: debt. We were able to pay […]

How to Travel Like a Rock Star on the Cheap

What do you do when you love to travel but your budget struggles to keep pace with your desire to roam? You could stay home and ignore the travel itch. Or, you could use a credit card to make your trips more wallet-friendly. Here’s how. Travel Well on the Cheap Know thy credit card The […]

Tips on Paying Down Student Loan Debt

Debt is not something that you want to have looming over your head, especially if you want to eventually purchase a car or have a mortgage. Trust me. I learned early on that the debt I incurred in my life was NOT going to simply disappear and if I tried to make that happen in […]

How I Tag Team Investment Decisions with My Wife

This is a guest post from Eric Rosenberg, a finance writer at Personal Profitability, InvestmentZen, and other personal finance, technology, and travel publications. When you are married, investing is a tag team sport. Even though I have two finance degrees and have managed a portion of a $500,000 investment fund, I still consult with my […]

How Joining Our Finances Helped Us Buy an Awesome House

Early in my career, I remember sitting down with my dad and asking him how I could ever afford to buy a house as nice as the one I grew up in. My parents have lived in the same home for more than twenty years, and homes in the Denver suburb have skyrocketed in that […]