How to Adopt Financial Independence as a Couple

Working hard now so you can retire early, but your spouse isn’t on board? Learn how you can encourage financial independence as a couple! One of the things I have struggled the most over the years spent on the path to financial independence were social interactions. When I was living in Paris, my friends’ definition […]

Cost Cutting Strategies for Newlyweds

Starting out is always difficult for young couples and newlyweds. Most often, younger adults haven’’t faced with the stress and strain of the increased burden of financial responsibility. Beginning a life together has its own set of difficulties and hurdles and often money only exacerbates the issue. Solving financial problems isn’’t going to make a […]

Addiction and Anxiety: What are the Risks?

Today’s guest post comes from Adam Cook. In addition to the references and resources he shares, I want to also include  Getting the treatment you need can make a huge difference, so please reach out.  Many people do not realize that mental illness and addiction too often go hand in hand. An addiction can cause mental […]

How To Budget Successfully as a Couple

As individuals we all have our strengths, weaknesses, passions and different outlooks on life. This especially is true when dealing with finances as we usually prioritise our expenses according to our needs. It is because of our different needs that couples so very often find it difficult to manage their finances together. Couples and Budgets […]