Stockpile Hacks: What Not to Include

Stockpiles can be very important for your household and are there to assist in saving you hundreds of dollars. From toilet paper and body wash to canned foods and condiments, you can stock just about anything. Optimizing Your Stockpile Finding great deals is key and with the rising costs of household items and groceries, you […]

The Small Auto Insurance Details (That Save You Big Money!)

When shopping for a deal with their auto insurance, consumers often find that not all discounts are created equal. Certain discounts that you may have taken advantage of years ago might not be built into current policies. Thus, it’s best to read the fine print, and even get insurance agents on the phone to answer […]

How to Find Agreement with Your Spouse About Money

When it comes to a marriage, something that many couples often have problems agreeing on is their finances. Let’s face it, no one wants to live in debt or live uncomfortably because of the number in their bank account. We all want to be able to have the money to buy the things that we […]

I’m Cheating On Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps – Sort Of

This is the first of a series of posts Steve Stewart is sharing on various sites as he counts the days left until he and his wife pay off their house! My wife and I started our financial journey in 2005. We followed Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps – sort of. This week, we are cheating […]

What Are Raleigh Homes Selling For Now?

As we continue our house selling and hunting project, I thought this guest post will give you an idea of the local market.  During the search for homes in Raleigh, you’ve likely come across a wide assortment of price points, with variances dependent on specific neighborhoods. Each offers a selection of recreational activities, restaurants and […]