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Prevent Holiday Disaster with a Little Communication

Nathan W. Morris is a financial freedom expert and author of “Your 33 Day Money Action Plan“, you can find more of Nathan at NathanWMorris.com. The holidays are an emotionally charged time for many, and of course – emotions and money can sometimes create a big mess. If there’s ever a time of year that we’ve […]

How to Organize a Personal Finance Project

As an IT project manager I’m responsible for organizing and managing technology projects of all shapes and sizes. By definition, there’s an end to every project, otherwise, it can’t be a project. That means you define a scope of work and once the scope is completed the project is closed. You then move onto the […]

Love and Money – One Couple’s Take on Having Both

Is there such a thing as a good fight? Love and Money as a Couple My husband and I sometimes fight about money. You might be surprised by the revelation considering we have a net worth over $600,000 and we just turned 30. The problem usually comes from the same issue: we don’t think about […]

Figuring Out Financial Equality in Our Marriage

It’s easy, in a marriage, to hold onto little grudges without even being aware you’re doing so. The other day, for instance, after a particularly grating work meeting, I came home and decided to unleash a tirade on my husband. He didn’t volunteer to do the laundry often enough; he hadn’t cleaned the bathroom properly, […]

Throw a Budget Party!

My wife and I have created a zero based budget every month since we’ve been married, including a budget for the wedding. So far we’ve completed 60+ budgets and have perfected our method for budgeting that I believe can help other couples reach their financial goals. Meetings Are Boring Our first year of budgeting included […]

Couples and Money: Managing Finances Together

Money touches everything in our lives. It affects our mood, our relationships, our experiences, and even the opportunities that we have in life. Of course, it’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem. Is it that money affects our relationships, mood, etc… or is it that our relationships, mood and so forth affect our […]

Back to School Shopping Deals with RetailMeNot

Parents spend an average of $100-500 per child each year on back-to-school stuff – and at least of half of that budget goes to clothing rather than computers, books or supplies. These are just a couple of the key findings from a recent survey by online coupon site RetailMeNot about back to school shopping.  While most parents spend between $100-500 per child on back to school (whether it’s a […]