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3 Steps to Staying Motivated While Paying Off Debt

Getting out of debt can be tough on a marriage, especially if you have a massive amount. Learn 3 crucial keys to stay motivated until you knock it out! Paying off a large amount of debt can take one or more years for some of us. It’s easy to be gung-ho and make large sacrifices […]

10 Budget Busters You Need to Review

Trying to pay your debts off faster? Here are ten potential budget busters you need to review ASAP! Once you got your budgeting process down pat there’s not much to it, right? Don’t rest yet, there’s more work to be done. You need to review those regular expenses. Bills tend to creep up over time […]

7 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Last month I traveled alone with a toddler for the first time in decades. It was a trip with my grandson Alex to visit his great-grandma and other relatives in the Midwest. The experience left me empathetic to fellow passengers in the same situation and renewed my appreciation of what parents do on a daily […]

How to Avoid Being Hacked with Better Password Practices

Want to protect your accounts and finances online? Here are the key password practices to keep your accounts secure and minimize your chances of being hacked!  Having my email account hacked recently brought to light a bigger problem.  My password practices were not up to snuff despite using a password manager.  I’ve been cleaning up […]

5 Tips to Makeover Your Bathroom without Breaking the Bank

Want to makeover your bathroom, but you’re on a ight budget? Get a great new look for under $1,000 with these tips! Our three bathrooms still have the original finishing and are starting to look dated. Although bathroom remodeling costs have a high rate of return at resell time, it would be a pretty penny […]

5 Tips to Take Advantage of Garage Sales

Shopping at garage sales is one way to stretch your budget. What your neighbor no longer needs, may be the perfect item for you. After coming back empty-handed from too many garage sales, I learned how to make the most from these outings. Create a Shopping List Going to sales without any idea of what […]

7 Romantic Frugal Date Ideas

It’s important to keep the romance in a relationship and making time for dates is one way to do so. Sometimes people focus on extravagant dates that can be expensive. Date nights don’t have to be expensive. We regularly make time for each other without breaking the budget. Date Idea #1: Dinner In You might […]

What to Do If You Lose Your Credit Card

With summer vacation coming up, it’s good to prepare yourself for possible emergencies. Learn what you need to do if you lose your credit card on your trip. Lost Credit Card On a recent trip I was picking up the restaurant tab and realized there was an empty spot in my wallet where my preferred […]