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Saving Money on Your Phone Bills with Microsoft Excel

Your phone usage has patterns. If you knew what those patterns are, you could come to an arrangement with the telephone company that will save you a lot of money. But “how on earth can I unveil those patterns?” you ask. Well good news, Excel can crack your calling habits wide open. Finding Trends in […]

How to Manage Loans to Friends with Microsoft Excel

Do you and your friends loan each other money quite a lot? We all want to help out our good friends but the problem is when loans are not repaid if you get into arguments about what is owed, or if you let some slide, then this can cause tension or could ultimately break the […]

How to Quickly Create Your Retirement Plan with Spreadsheets

Want to learn how much you need to retire? Try these free retirement spreadsheets and get your number quickly and easily! One of the purposes many families turn to Microsoft Excel for is working out their retirement plan in an easy and quick manner. This type of number crunching and planning is exactly the kind of […]