Baby Expenses

15 Easy Ways to Save on Baby Expenses

Learn how you can save on your baby expenses while still giving your baby the best!  Score Big Savings on Baby Expenses I decided to consolidate some of the best tips and advice I’ve heard and read so far from others into a list that you can print out and put on your fridge. Consignment […]

How to Budget for Your Baby

Even though it’s still a few months away, we’re counting down the arrival of our second daughter this winter. Having gone through this a few years ago, we’re not as stressed with getting ready. Becoming parents has been a wonderfully big change in our lives and we’re eager to see what will happen next as we […]

Baby Girl on the Way!!!

We are expecting another baby girl! We just had the ultrasound this week and we were so happy to get another look at our baby. We took our little one (can’t believe she’s 3 already!) with us so she could watch the ‘baby tv’. Watching her reaction to the baby that was on the screen was […]

Anybody Looking for Baby Clothes?

As part of my to do list of small goals, I’ve started cleaning the house room by room. Right now I’m in the middle of cleaning and reorganizing the nursery. I’m amazed at how much stuff our baby girl has. Being the first grand-baby we have received a tom of gifts from family and some great hand me downs […]

Wills, Guardianship, and Estate Planning for Parents

I’m happy to report we’ve made some real progress with one of our big goals this year. Last week we consulted with a local attorney about getting our wills created and we discussed our wishes on estate planning and guardianship. This is something that had to get done (and done right) and I’m a bit embarrassed that we […]

Baby Proofing the House

This weekend we went shopping for the baby – time to step up the baby proofing around the house. The little one is up and crawling around. I amazed how she went from no interest in crawling forward (she preferred moving backwards for a bit) to full speed ahead sprint crawling. We already did some work preparing our place for the baby arrival […]

Baby Proofing: How to Lessen Toxins in Your Home

When most parents, or parents-to-be, think of the words “baby proofing,” they no doubt think of buying outlet covers, installing baby gates and placing child-proof locks on cabinet doors containing cleaning products. However, what you may have missed are three potentially dangerous substances to babies and children that can be found in many different areas […]