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15 Easy Ways to Save on Baby Expenses

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Learn how you can save on your baby expenses while still giving your baby the best! 

Score Big Savings on Baby Expenses

I decided to consolidate some of the best tips and advice I've heard and read so far from others into a list that you can print out and put on your fridge.

Consignment stores are your best friends.

We have quite a few consignment stores in Raleigh with some high-quality items. There's one that specializes in baby clothes and gear a short drive from us that has fantastic deals.

We picked up some outfits for $1-$4/each, with some of them having the tags still on.

search for daycare options through Your Support Network

Childcare can be incredibly expensive and for some parents, paying for a daycare is an unaffordable option.

If possible, ask your trusted family and friends for recommendations. You may be able to

If you have family, like grandparents, who are available to watch your little one(s), that can be a fantastic option.

Don't take advantage of a loved one's generosity; you should still compensate them for their services. After all, you most likely get a discount and you'll have some peace of mind over your little one's well being.

Make your own baby food.

This was actually much easier than I had originally thought.

If you have the right kitchen tools and the time, go ahead and make your baby's food. It'll also give you the freedom to introduce a variety of different foods to your baby early on.

Buy baby supplies in bulk (when appropriate).

You can save quite a bit of money if you buy certain items in bulk, like diapers. consider subscription services like Amazon Mom to save 30% on diaper orders.

Cook at home. 

Eating at home not only helps you keep more money in your wallet, but you'll have more control over what you eat. That means better health and more wealth.

Curious about what foods to try or what cooking tips can save you time? Check out my blog Married Food for ideas.

Watch your toy budget.

Babies don't need as many toys as you think. It's tempting to get the latest educational toy that comes out, but some basic ones really go a long way. Plus they have the added bonus of encouraging imagination.

Buy for the long term.

When looking at cribs, my husband and I wanted to look for something that would last for years. Besides getting a convertible crib, we also looked at the material. We didn't want the bed to break down after a move or two.

Go generic

baby can tell if she's wearing the name brand shoes or having her bottom cleaned by the store brand wipe. Save yourself some money and go generic.

Buy washable nursing pads.

You'll go through them quickly, so it may pay to invest in some washable ones.

Check out the clearance rack.

You can pick up some nice clothes and baby gear by looking at the clearance rack.

Keep the change.

Go ahead and collect all the loose change you have at the end of the day. You can use that to build the family's savings or put it aside for your baby's future expenses, like a college fund.

Take advantage of coupons and discounts.

Use manufacturers’ coupons and sites like Amazon Mom to score deals on necessary baby items.

Try free mommy programs at the library.

Wait for the baby shower.

If you're watching your dollars, be patient. If loved ones buy you some necessary items for your little one, you can pick up what's missing.

Network with other parents.

Parents can be a great resource for sales and deals in your area.

More Tips on How to Save on Baby Expenses

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