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As part of my to do list of small goals, I've started cleaning the house room by room. Right now I'm in the middle of cleaning and reorganizing the nursery. I'm amazed at how much stuff our baby girl has. Being the first grand-baby we have received a tom of gifts from family and some great hand me downs from friends.

The problem is that as our baby gets older, we're stuck with boxes of stuff that she can't use anymore. That means we have to decide what to do with all of this stuff. I'd hate for it to be simply stored when there are so many alternatives.  baby clothes and gear

Consign Baby Clothes

One option that is looking good for me is taking some of the gently used clothes over to a consignment store and see if I can earn a bit of money. The wonderful thing about baby clothes (and the sad part as well) is that they are hardly used.

I've had outfits where it was a bit big one week and the next time she wears it, she's already outgrown it. Most of her clothes are practically new. Consigning some of the clothes could give us store credit that we can then use to on future clothes and gear.

I could also throw a yard sale in theory, but practically speaking I don't really have the space or energy to run one.

Share with Friends

One option I'm really looking at it continuing the sharing. I do have a couple of friends with baby girls a bit younger than my little one that could use clothes (or not -I'll call and find out). Besides the outfits I also have items like a like new swing, stander, and toys.

I think I'll give a heads up to my friends first to see if they could use any of this baby gear before I do anything else.

Donate Baby Stuff

I can also donate the baby clothes and gear to a local charity or a bigger outfit like Goodwill. Besides getting a tax deduction, I'd also be doing some good.

Sell It on Ebay

Finally I've also thought about selling a few bags on Ebay, perhaps grouping it by size so other parents can get a bundle in one shot. I'd call my sister as she's been an Ebay seller for awhile and has had some good success.

Thoughts on Handling Baby Gear You Don't Need Anymore

Once everything is cleaned up and I've contacted my buddies, I'll update here. I'd love to hear from other parents. For those who have had to deal with old baby clothes and gear, what did you do?


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  1. You can get a tax receipt for donating clothes to Goodwill? That sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

  2. I feel for you on this one. After my 3rd and final child my mother-in-law wanted us to bring the clothes to her so that if my brother-in-law ever has a kid she can give them to him. Since she gave us a lot of them I had no problem with this. However after another car load yesterday she decided that perhaps she will start consigning them.

  3. We bought all our kids clothes second hand. It leads to major savings and it’s insurance for your sanity if they spill something on that cute shirt you just bought. Well, not a big deal because it was a $1!