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Baby Proofing the House

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This weekend we went shopping for the baby – time to step up the baby proofing around the house. The little one is up and crawling around. I amazed how she went from no interest in crawling forward (she preferred moving backwards for a bit) to full speed ahead sprint crawling.

We already did some work preparing our place for the baby arrival in the nursery and our bedroom. Now we have to work on the home office and living room since we spend so much time there.

Baby-Proof Supplies

We stopped by Target Saturday to get some of our supplies. It was a quick trip, the longest part was deciding which gate to pick up. We ended up picking up:

For the office there are a couple of sharp corners on some of the desks that we want to pad just in case she topples over.

Baby Gates – Tips to Use Them Effectively

We didn't realize how many options parents have with baby gates. I was used to seeing the pressure gates, but now you have the choice to install the gates into the walls and they can swing open like a door if you prefer.

We checked to see what would be a good option for us. We decided to grab one and try it out around the house.

Please keep in  mind a few things with gates:

Of course, supervision is key with babies and exploring.

Thoughts on Baby-Proofing

How many of you have already baby proofed your place? what did you do to prepare? How much did it cost to get it done?

Photo Credit: jumpyjodes

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