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Baby Proofing: How to Lessen Toxins in Your Home

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When most parents, or parents-to-be, think of the words “baby proofing,” they no doubt think of buying outlet covers, installing baby gates and placing child-proof locks on cabinet doors containing cleaning products. However, what you may have missed are three potentially dangerous substances to babies and children that can be found in many different areas in your home.

Toxins in Your Home

Green Living calls them the “Dangerous Trio,” and they include Phthalates, PBDEs and formaldehyde. Read more to find out what these pollutants are, why they’re harmful and what you can do to eliminate these toxins in your home to create a safe and healthy atmosphere for your little ones.

While you’d be hard pressed to completely remove all forms of these three chemicals in your home, it’s safe to assume that getting rid of their presence as best you can will likely increase the safety of your family, especially your children. Similar to checking for formaldehyde, call your city’s building inspector and make an appointment for him to come and check your entire house for these three chemicals, as well as others like asbestos and lead.

If detected, home repairs and renovations could be expensive but worth the money to help ensure your family’s safety. One option to pay for costly but important home repairs is to use the home equity that you’ve built. After all, these projects will likely increase the value of your home while keeping your entire family safe and healthy.

Thoughts on Baby Proofing

I'd love to hear from you. How many of you are parents? How many of you have baby proofed your home? What are some of your biggest worries?

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