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Packing Our (Labor) Bags

labor bag for the hospital

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I've never felt time crawl slower than this month. We’re looking forward to getting the baby out meeting our daughter sometime in July (unless she picks August).

With the baby on my mind, it's starting to show on Couple Money with topics. While not all posts in July will cover baby expenses, this week will probably be focused on the topic. I'm preparing posts on other topics for the rest of the month.

One of our assignments for our birth and labor class was getting a labor bag ready for our trip to the hospital. Each couple went around the room and shared what they packed. While I think we did a great job, I noticed we were missing some things.

While having an iPad2 for the big event would be fun, we just don't have it in our budget.

Recommended Goodies

If there is one thing I learned quickly is that there are many strong opinions on what parents need to be prepared for their baby's arrival. Everyone has their own advice, which is helpful and at the same time, overwhelming. I'm hoping you can help us with this project.


From what I've gathered, there are some necessary items that you need to have ready in your labor bag.

I was also advised to check with the hospital to see what they provide. sometimes you can pack lighter if your hospital will take care of some of your needs. Since our house isn't terribly far away, if we want something from home rather than the hospital, we'll ask friends to swing by and pick them up.

What would you say is an absolute necessity to include in our birth/labor bag? Do you have any specific recommendations for us?

More Stuff

Everything below is considered nice, but not essential. Some parents swear that you'll need it while others say most of the stuff stayed in the bag.

What did you have to help you with the lull during labor? did you have video for the birth or did pictures suffice? What's a comfortable combo for my husband when he stays overnight at the hospital with the baby and I?

Thoughts on Packing a Labor Bag

This posts is definitely more collaborative than most. I'm eager to hear your birth stories and advice. What did you actually use from the labor bag? What did you wish you included in your bag?

Just how long was it from when you checked in to when you gave birth?

Photo Credit: Stella Dauer

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