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Decorating the Baby Nursery – Biggest Bang for your Buck

baby nursery expenses

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Decorating Your Nursery

Our next project to tackle for the baby's arrival is getting the nursery ready. This morning it's a bit like a construction zone as my husband is stalling a ceiling fan and light plus we have all these boxes fill with stuff that we're donating or mailing to a relative.

Preparing a nursery does involve getting some new pieces of furniture and baby gear. Since this is our first time, I went ahead and check out a few sources to get an idea of the expenses for the baby.

Nursery Gear – Costs

I wrote earlier this year on Five Cent Nickel that we're preparing as best we can financially for the baby's arrival. I looked for estimates on some baby furniture and this is what I found:

These numbers are from  The Bump and Baby Center and they aren't including other recurring expenses such as diapers. Needless to say, just these few items can add up fairly quickly. To keep costs low and still get good quality items for our baby we turned to resources like Consumer Reports.

Cheaper Alternatives for Your Baby Nursery Supplies

You don't have to go broke to create a welcoming place for your baby. Don't feel pressured to buy all new items if you don't want to. Your focus should be getting high quality items at a reasonable price.

That's our goal as we search for baby gear in the nursery. Here are a few options you have so you can decorate in style within a budget.

Family/Friends Hand Me Downs

Family and friends have been generous with sharing some baby clothes and toys that their children outgrew. The nursery already has a closet full of clothes.

Yard Sales

With the weather warming up slowly, I'm noticing more and more yard sales popping up on the weekends. If you're willing to haggle, you can find some great treasures.  Try and remember these tips when you’re hunting for some furniture.


Can you find some great deals on Craigslist and have good quality pieces? I decided to find out this weekend by hunting for a few different items.There are plenty of parents willing to part with baby gear at very good prices if you're not too picky.

Thoughts on Nursery Costs

What about those who've been through this before, how did you decorate your baby nursery? Were you able to find some great deals and bargains? What would you recommend getting new and what could you feel comfortable getting used?

Join In the Baby Expenses Series

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Thank you to those who have participated already. I look forward to sharing stories, tips, and advice from others here.

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