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Consolidate Your Bank Accounts and Make Your Life Easier

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It's another month, so I wanted to do another quick finance challenge. Last time, I was talking about paying just one small debt in a month to give yourself a boost.

Now I wanted to focus on something that can help you keep your finances under control- consolidating your bank accounts. I encourage you to eliminate unnecessary and/or duplicate accounts.

If you have way too many accounts, when tax time comes, you have to wait to get all your financial documents. Eliminating extraneous bank accounts can make your financial life a little less stressful.

Consolidate and Simplify Your Bank Accounts

Keeping it simplified means you're more aware of where your money is going and you can keep track of the accounts.

Automating our finances has been a huge help, but it's not the end all solution.

Adam from Man Vs Debt discussed this in Unautomate Your Finances.

Being conscious of your money can help you make the change that you need with your finances. He argues that sometimes by just making it more convenient, we're not solving the root of the problem, just putting a band-aid on it.

Decide on What You Need from Your Bank Accounts

The first step is probably defining what you need from bank accounts. We've had to change banks when we weren't getting the customer service or the features we wanted.

Check your accounts and see if they meet your criteria. If not, you may want to move your money.

When you're looking at different types of checking and savings accounts, have a list of what you need and what you want.

Do you plan on using other financial products from your bank, such as insurance or CD (certificates of deposits) accounts?

Your Take on Bank Accounts

How many bank accounts do you need? Each situation is different, so I can't answer that for you. I can tell you that we utilize a mix of joint and individual checking and savings accounts.

How many do bank accounts do you have? How do you stay on top of it? I’m be curious to see how others handle this.

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