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As you recall, I had mention in last month’s net worth review that we received our tax refund finally, but it wasn’t deposited yet. 

Long story short, we didn’t deposit it correctly and the check had to be shipped back to us. It’s been a long time, but we finally have it in.

Check Your Bank Statements

When we saw the check rejection, we received an explanation from Wachovia on what we need to do to deposit it correctly.

A Wachovia customer service representative told us that they were shipping a digital copy back and it would be here in about 7 business days.

I understood the mistake we made and we were eagerly anticipating the check's arrival.

Unfortunately after enough time elapsed we didn't receive our check.

Keep Records of All Phone and Emails That You Have with the Bank

I called the customer service line to check on the digital check’s status.

I really don't like calling since their automated menu options are difficult. I got through and spoke to a customer service representative.

At first, she didn’t have anything on record about the check being returned.

Glad that I kept my messages, I gave her the case number and she said she needed to investigate this and would call me back in 5-10 minutes.

She did call back within 5 minutes with a status update.

She said that the check was mailed the day before and we should get it within 7 business days. 

When I asked why it was delayed, though, I wasn’t given an answer. I find it a bit frustrating that they had no explanation for that. 

I filed a complaint with the earlier customer service representative that claimed it was sent out late June.

I'm also thinking about switching to another bank or maybe try out the credit union over here.

Your Stories on Banks and Credit Unions

What's been your experience with your bank or credit union?

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  1. @BB: Me too! I’m keeping my eye out for banks and credit unions in the area. I’m asking my friends if they have a favorite spot and then I’ll start comparing the top ones.

  2. I have been lucky with my banks and they have all been really good on the customer service front…. But it’s not worth getting too comfy as they could mess up at any point!!