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Can I Retire? Review

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When I was at the Financial Blogger Conference last month, I got to meet many personal finance bloggers, representatives from banks and financial sites, and authors.

One blogger/author attending the conference was Mike Piper from Oblivious Investor. In addition to running the site he's written seven personal finance book, including the one I'm reviewing today – Can I Retire?

Basic Book Info

Can I Retire? Overview

What’s Inside

If you’re curious about what Can I Retire? covers, here is the table of contents:

As you probably noticed right away, all of these topics are extremely important to retiring successfully. Mike doesn't have fluff in this book; he jumps right into what matters.

Mike designs his book to be concise as his books are 100 pages or less. He has recommendations for those who want to investigate deeper with their retirement portfolios and plans. His audience are those interested in getting a quick grip on their finances.

My Highlights from the Book

First off I want to point out that I was able to read the book on the car ride back to our place. Mike's writing is so clear and understandable that I was able to glide through the chapters. It really is a quick read and will allow you to either have enough knowledge to get your retirement setup started/adjusted or have an intelligent discussion with your financial planner.

I also appreciated how easy Mike made it for me to find more information about relevant taxes and why index funds and ETFs are a smart investment. I recommend getting a highlighter to mark off things you need to do once you're finished reading. It's packed with plenty of practical information.

Thoughts on Can I Retire?

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking at retiring in the near future. It's a great way to become familiar with retirement planning and it may encourage you to look into further.

I love to hear from other readers and their perspectives on the book. Did you find it beneficial for your situation?



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