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Earlier this week, I had pointed out that you could sell some of your unwanted items and make earn some cash for your emergency fund.

I will say up front that I'm a fan of all of  Baker's work on ManVsDebt. He has a done an amazing job showing others how he and his family were able to simplify their lives and focus on eliminating debt.

Baker's Purpose and Goal

In case you're not familiar with ManVsDebt, Baker is an expert in selling clutter because he has done it himself. He and his family decided to simplify their lives and travel to the other side of the world. To accomplish this goal, the cut down their stuff to the essentials.

Removing junk isn't the focus of Sell Your Crap. Baker's guide doesn't just talk about the mechanics of selling your useless (to you) stuff, but he also tackles the reason why you have all this clutter. Many of us don't shop to get things that we'll stop using. We tend to slowly acquire different things, but we don't remove the old stuff. It can be do to its sentimental value or maybe we think we'll use it later.

Who is this Guide For?

I know some people are living paycheck to paycheck and may not have the income to build substantial saving. This guide can be very helpful since you're selling stuff that you're not using. It doesn't interfere with your monthly budget and you can have cash to set aside.

If you're already enjoying a minimalist lifestyle, you might not get as much from this guide. It still has some wonderful information on selling, so maybe you can use it to sell your friends' stuff. 🙂

What’s Included in ‘Sell your Crap'?

Good question, there are two  packages for the guide, each one tailored to a specific need.

Barebones Edition ($37)

If you just need to get started with selling some of your stuff, then the barebones set can fill that need.


Clutter Crusher Edition ($47)

If you're determined to make some solid money and get rid of junk in your house, check out the clutter crusher edition.

I think with the step by step instructions you should be able to earn some money for your financial goals, whether it's emergency savings, debt reduction, or a vacation fund.

Thoughts on Baker's New Guide

If you're looking to make some money relatively quick, this is something to look into. I'd like to hear your thought on it.

Do you have junk in the house that you could sell? If you've sold clutter and have simplified your life, what tips can you share?

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