Cheap Smartphone Plans Guide for Couples

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I remember my first cellphone – it was a Nokia; small enough to fit in your hand and had that very data green screen.

I think it was a free phone deal with SunCom (remember them?) that was a part of an unlimited plan for $50/month.

That feels like a lifetime ago.

The phones have certainly gotten better and so has the coverage. But we also noticed that our bills were going up as well.

Tired of contracts and pricey plans so we took some time to find better deals with smartphone plans.

Finding Cheap Smartphone Plans

If you feel the same way, here are some innovators and discounters to check out.

My criteria for the list were:

  • Cheap prices
  • Great phones
  • Great service
  • No contracts

Republic Wireless

If you've been following the blog, I'm sure you can figure how much I love Republic Wireless. I first started using them when the service was in beta.

What attracted me was the ridiculously low price for unlimited talk, text, and data.

Back then it was only one phone and one plan, but now they have several  you can choose from so you can get a plan that fits your needs.


I'm also loving the phones they have: Moto E, Moto G, and MotoX. They are all great deals, but my favorite is the X.

If you want more info on Republic Wireless, check them out here.


Our friends us Ting and are extremely happy with their service.

One factor that appealed to them was the ability to bring their phones over to the service.(Ting has a way for you to quickly check if you can take yours.)

You create a custom plan, choosing how much text, talk, and data you need.

For most couples this can be figured out easily by checking your usage over the last 6 months with your current provider.

You'll be paying for what you actually would use.

ting smartphone plans

If you want more info on Ting, check them out here.

Pre-Paid Discounters

If you want to keep your phone for now and stay a big network, prep-paid may be the way to go.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk is a prepaid cell service with some affordable plans starting at $45/month. All of their plans include nationwide texts.

There are also solid phones you can get on the cheap with them.

If you want more info on Straight Talk, check them out here.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile has prepaid plans for smartphones. With their Boost plans, you get unlimited talk, data, and texts, starting at $35/month for 1GB at 3G/4G.

If you want more info on Boost Mobile, check them out here.

Virgin Mobile

They have Data Done Right plans that slash your bills.Right now you can get two lines with unlimited talk, text, and data for $65/month.

If you want more info on Virgin Mobile, check them out here.

Thoughts on Cheap Smart Phone Plans

I shared some of my favorites so if you are looking for a deal, please try them out.

By the way, I'm not against using the big four companies. They're just doing business with their plans and prices.

I believe that customers should do the same – be willing to move to get the service they want at a price that is reasonable to them.

If you want to stick with them, I'd say T-Mobile has some deals you'd probably want to check out.

Have any other suggestions? Please share them! I want more couples and families save a ton a of money and still get great service.

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  1. T-Mobile’s family plan provides the best value for the money if you can manage to have three or more people on the line. I manage 6 lines on my account and it costs about $24-$25 per person including taxes.