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Double Check Your Monthly Bills

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We're adjusting to the new place and I was checking out the bills that came in the mail. 

I reviewed the cable tv and internet bill and I noticed that Time Warner Cable was charging a lot more than normal. I decided to double-check and give them a call.

Hit with the Cable Bill

We usually have our cable and internet bill run around $50/month.  

Those services are with Time Warner and we use Skype as our landline. It's been working out for us well and save for some occasional shows we'd love to watch, we haven't really missed much.

As we called to transfer service to the new place from the apartment, the customer service representative helpfully mentioned that for a mere $10/month more, we can substantially upgrade our cable (with HD!)

A month later we received our bill with the deal included. The bill wasn't $60-$70 as I expected, it was $140.23!

Our Current DIY Cable Package ‘Deal'

In case you're curious to see how the charges added, I'll share my bill. Here's how the cable and internet bill broke down:

I'm amazed that it says that this' promotional deal' will end April 23, 2010.

How much is the package if the promotion is $115/month for just cable and internet?

Is the Cable Package Worth the Price?

I have to admit; I would've liked to have kept the services, but the price jump didn't justify it. I'm not a TV fanatic and my schedule is busy already, so Cable TV isn't a huge deal.

Time Warner, if you ever offer that promotional deal, let me know. I'll even price lock into it, but over $100 for cable TV and internet is a bit much. I don't need HD extras; just would've liked to have kept HGTV. 🙁

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised; Consumer Reports noted that bundling doesn't save you money if you're not a power user.

Bundling is less likely to save you money if your telecom needs are simple–say, basic TV, minimum-broadband Internet, and telephone service with little or no long-distance calling.

Guess my telecom needs are simple, which suites me. Lakita over at Personal Finance Journey is loving being free of cable TV.

Do You Check Your Bills?

Have you noticed a bill increase without notice? Have you downgraded the cable and/or internet to improve your cash flow for either building some savings or paying off your debts?

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