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Cleaning Out Clutter from Our House

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We Have Too Much Junk in the House!

Since we've had family over and we've been under the weather the last couple of weeks, my husband and I have spent a lot of time at home cleaning. I decided to make the most out of this time and I've been doing some winter cleaning. Inspired by Matt Jabs' Wardrobe mission, I've been going through our stuff to simplifying our possessions and get rid of useless junk.

Unused Clothes

Since winter is coming up quickly, I went ahead and switched most of my clothes and packed away my summer things. While getting clothes organized I decided to sort my clothes. I noticed that I didn't wear some of them at all this year. I went ahead and put them away in a donation box. So far, I've gotten 3 huge boxes of clothes done!

Old Electronics

There are some old computers that need to be disposed of properly. I'm gathering them together in the guest room to take care of them in one trip. If you're looking for the right place to throw away your electronic items, check out DigitalTips for a location near you.

What to Do With Your Clutter?

Donate It

If you have items like clothes that you think would benefit someone else, donating can be a great option. Besides giving them to national organizations like Goodwill, there are also local shelters that would be happy to accept your donation. With winter hear, your gently used coats can make a big difference to those without them. Warm Coats and Warm Hearts can give you drop off locations – your old costs can help someone locally this cold winter.

Sell It – Making Some Cash from Your Junk

It can be hard to find extra money, but if you have a lot of stuff at your place, you may want to sell it to get some money back. Some financial goals you can reach with selling your junk include:

If you're not an expert on selling your stuff or if you're looking to maximize the money you make, you might want to try grabbing Baker's wonderful guide, Sell Your Crap. There are actually two  packages for the guide, each one tailored to a specific need.

Barebones Edition ($37)

If you just need to get started with selling some of your stuff, then the barebones set can fill that need. Baker not only covers what you need to do to sell your stuff on eBay, but he also helps you avoid accumulating junk again by getting to the root of it.

Baker did a great job getting you what you need to sell your stuff on Ebay quickly.

Clutter Crusher Edition ($47)

If you’re determined to make some solid money and get rid of junk in your house, check out the clutter crusher edition.

Baker has walked the walk – his family radically simplified their lives, sold their junk, and moved across the world to have a family adventure. Now they are back in the States getting ready for their next trip around the country. His guides work because he's done it. He also offers a $100 guarantee with his guide. So if you're looking at getting your stuff sold, this is a wonderful guide to get your there.

Cleaning Clutter from Your House

Is clutter a problem for  you too? How often do you clean out your place?

Photo Credit: Anna Gay

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