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As we were getting ready to go on a trip this weekend, I decided to go ahead and get some posts outlined.

One of them was for March's net worth review (wanted to give an update on the student loan). I logged in to see what the current balance was.

My balance showed $0.

I checked the payment history and noticed that around $15,000 was paid the previous day.

Worried that somehow our accounts were going to be drained, we both checked to make sure there wasn't any notice or scheduled payment that had been mistakenly made.

Everything looked fine, so I decided I was going to call, but I then realized it was too late in the day to do that so I would have to wait until the next day to get an answer.

That night I was thinking about what it could be. I was afraid that our savings would be drained and while it would be nice to have the student loan paid off, this was not the way.

Morning came and 10 minutes after the lines opened, I gave my student loan company a call.

I was told that the account was transferred as they had too many loans to deal with. Everything would remain the same on the account.

Apparently I caught them in the middle of it and I'm supposed to be getting information this week.

I'm kind of disappointed that no one gave us a heads up. With having sent several extra payments, one of them could've easily been lost in the shuffle.

Are You The Family CEO?

This week I had the pleasure of  hosting The Family CEO‘s (a.k.a. Julie) interview as a part of my money blogger series on My Financial Reviews.

She was kind enough to share her family's investing strategy, the concept of Found Money, and some money saving tips.

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  1. I had the same exact thing happen to me last year. It took over a month before I was able to find out what exactly was going on.