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This weekend the four of us went shopping for some new kids' clothes. It's amazing how fast they go through clothes!

Picking up clothes for the girls was fun, so many choices and sales. With those adorable outfits, I had to remind myself to stick with the budget.

Sometimes it can be tempting to buy all those adorable outfits, but kids' clothes can also be a huge budget buster.

The good news is that you can dress your little ones without wrecking your family's finances.

I want to share some of my favorite tips so your little ones can be ready for school.

Shop Smarter on the Essentials

Having a ton of cheap outfits and clothes for my oldest isn't appealing for a few reasons. To us, spending money is fine if there is value.Learn how to you can dress your kids in style without spending a ton of money!

Replacing clothes is a waste of time and money when kids grow out of them fairly quickly.

Our oldest is loves to roughhouse, jump, and actively play in her clothes.

We're fine with paying a bit upfront if it's going to last her and be in good enough shape for her sister.

When we buy clothes for our pre-schooler we look for pieces that go well with one another.

With our baby girl, we pick up plenty of onesies. Around the house she can spit up, droll, and mess them up.

Consignment Shops

We have some wonderful consignment stores around our area that have a huge selection of kids clothes.

You can get some incredible deals there. I've found gently used and new outfits (with the tags still on!), saving us a ton of money.

Many of them will have tags where you can save even more money, depending on what kind of sale they are running.

I find that shopping ahead a season or two means I can get more clothes for less.

Clearance and Online Deals

If you're patient and willing to plan ahead, I've seen coupons and deals for 50% or more off the regular price.

Shopping at the end of season can help you grab new outfits for next year at super low prices.

Don't forget to peruse the clearance aisle at your favorite stores.

Target usually has some wonderful outfits on the clearance racks. We just picked up some summer dresses and sweaters for the girls.

Hand Me Downs, Garage Sales, and Clothing Swaps

We've been fortunate in that we have friends who have older kids. Not only have they've been generous with their advice, we also received some great outfits.

Along those lines, you can have a get together with a few parents in your neighborhood or social circles and host a clothes swap.

I know plenty of parents who have gotten a season's worth of clothes for a few dollars by hunting at garage sales.

Online options like ThreadUp can be incredibly rewarding. You can shop stylish cloths for the kids (and yourself!) at significant discounts.

Thoughts on Saving Money Kids' Clothes

I shared my tips; I'd love to hear from you about yours! How do you keep your kids looking good without spending a ton of money?

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

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