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While it may seem doctors have it easy as high earners, the reality is many are also dealing with massive amounts of debt. Learn how to make the most of your money now and for the future! 

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Financial Residency with Allison and Curtis

A few years ago when we were like trying to dig out of debt I thought they would be so much easier if we had a healthy income.

And yes having a certain amount does make a big difference but that's only part of the equation.

That's why I bought Ryan here to co-host. He's not only familiar with the technical stuff as a financial planner over at Physician Wealth Services, he has practical knowledge and real-life experience as a husband to a physician.

Today he's talking to Dr. Allison Webster, an ER physician, and her husband Curtis, creator of Dads Married to Doctors.

They discuss:

  • the financial challenges (and massive amounts of debt) that come with becoming a physician
  • working through their differences when it comes to handling money
  • their financial system to knock out debt and save for retirement

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Dump Debt and Save Together

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