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Reviewing Our 2011 Budget as a Couple

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My husband and I are preparing some goals and a budget for 2012, so the first step was to review where we're at currently.

This weekend we went through our actual spending for 2011. I used Quicken to upload our joint accounts' information and after sorting through and categorizing the data we had our numbers.

Lessons from the Family Budget

It was kind of fun exercise – looking at all this information on the screen. Looking at the budget I noticed a few things about our finances:

Of course everyone's budget is different so our lesson are probably different than yours. However, looking at your actual saving and spending habits can be enlightening.

Looking at Our 2012 Budget

Tonight we're going to talk about what goals we have for 2012. In regards to the budget I'm going to suggest the following:

What we decide to do with our budget for 2012, I'll update it here later. If you have any suggestions for financial goals and budget ideas, please leave a comment here today. I'll bring it up when we sit down and chat about our family's finances.

Thoughts on the Family Budget

Have you looked at your budget recently? Did you have any surprises about what you're actually spending?

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