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5 Lifestyle Changes to Save Gas Money

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Last week the gas stations nearest our home crested the $4 a gallon price for regular unleaded gasoline. It was the tipping point for me.

I decided it was time to cut back on gas consumption and started thinking about changes we could make to cut back on gas use. One plane of attach is to increase gas mileage.

Another tact is to make lifestyle changes to cut consumption. I came up with this list that is fairly easy to put into action.

Pack Lunch

Living close to the office has the added benefit of getting to go home for lunch every work day. Even though I wasn't buying lunch out, it probably was using 2-3 gallons a week. I'm going to start brown bagging it one day a week initially.

Combine Errands

On the weekends I try to combine errands mostly for efficiency sakes. Now, I have my wallet to think about and will try to make sure there are at least two tasks that can be accomplished on every trip.

Walk Instead of Drive

We do live close enough to stores, banks, and restaurants that it is feasible to walk. It may take more time than driving, but you get in your exercise time along with finishing tasks. I wouldn't do this for large shopping trips but for when you need a few small items.

Consider Gas When Making Plans

Last weekend we went out to breakfast and were debating the restaurant selection. All factors were pretty even except for location. When we figured out it would use $6 worth of gas to get to one choice that helped point us to the closest restaurant.

Shop Online

I like to shop online to avoid the malls and ease in finding desired items. A big benefit is that your purchase is delivered to you instead of using your gasoline. Don't waste gas driving to the store and then circling looking for a parking spot. Let your mouse drive you.

A few simple adjustments can make the difference in your monthly budget. Have you made any adjustments due to rising gas prices?

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