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I mentioned earlier this week that we're having some big repairs for the Toyota if we want to keep it.

It looks like we'd be shelling out thousands of dollars.

I wrote how I wanted to get a second opinion before making a decision on whether to repair or replace the Toyota.

So did we get one?


Different Ideas on Car Repairs (and More)

My husband and I have two very different styles of handling situations, with their own pros and cons.

He's very patient, analyzing a situation thoughtfully until he's comfortable with moving forward. At its best, we've made some wonderful decisions that has benefited us through the years.

I'm more of the look at the situation, gather as much information as quickly as possible, and then make the decision as soon as possible. If a decision can be made today or this week, why wait?

Respecting Each Other's Opinions

For the most part, I think our styles have worked very well with our mutual goals whether its finances or family decisions.

Once in a while, like this week, we kind of look at each other and wonder how in the world we came to each other's conclusion.

Love 🙂

The good news is that it's not terribly urgent as we do have my car.

I'm not using it with this heatwave going on. I'm trying to stay cool  and indoors as I wait for the baby to arrive. (She was due earlier this week.)

Thoughts on Disagreements and Personalities

I'm curious about your family and how you handle the different personalities. How do you handle differences?

Do you tend to wait for a consensus or do one of you kind of jump in and get started?


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  1. When my wife and I disagree, it means one of us needs to come up with a more persuasive argument. We generally talk things out and listen to the other person. I value my wifee’s opinion and I think she values mine. Fortunately, there has not been too many arguments in a very long marriage (43 years).

  2. Hi Elle! Your baby is so close:).

    We have been down to one car for the last month. We need a new engine I believe…yuck! The good news is that we have time to make a good decision for us–we have one very reliable car and we have figured out our schedule so that we each get to work on time. It was difficult with Paul working 8 hr days and me working 10 hour days, but once it worked out it all fell into place!

    Now we’re deciding what to do…one car or two?

  3. My boyfriend and I have the same situation, albeit in the reverse (i.e. he wants to act NOW and I want to wait and think everything through). Sometimes it’s quite hard to deal with, especially when it comes to big ticket items- I just cannot be THAT spontaneous or impulsive with money.

    We make it work- I guess it all comes down to compromise.

  4. Usually handling differences when making decisions is key to a partnership. I definitely have the go slow and make a decision style. I’d rather be uncomfortable for a while while making the decision then uncomfortable the whole time after i’ve made the decision.

  5. Cut your losses and buy a new car; otherwise, you’re tossing good money after bad. We learned that the hard way 6 months ago.

  6. You hit on the key point: Each style has its pros and cons. That’s why couples who have different aptitudes like that can make a stronger pair. The trick is to take advantage of the pros and marginalize the cons.

  7. Being compatible to me means balancing out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Even a disagreement leads to more discussion, which in turn may lead into a totally new direction (like buying a scooter instead of a new car — just for example…)

  8. Elle – I think it was better that you took your time and waited to get a second opinion b/c it’s darn hot outside and you were pregnant! 🙂

    Now I’d just send the hubbie to get that 2nd opinion and not come back until he does 🙂

    Best, Sam